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Give it up for pessimistic period poetryyy
Guys I need prayer. For a whole hour, in waves I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs in the worst pain of my life.

third degree agony

August 30, 2020



the heat burns my skin while i beg it for relief / clutching fire to soothe my pain / i shouldn't choke down so much medicine / but i need it to survive / without groaning out my torment / and i'm grateful / because it could be worse / it has been worse / but after a certain point / pain blinds me / to its future and its past
So I guess this makes me predictable because like every month I drop one or two pieces about cramps on you all. Welp, they say to write about what you know. *shrugs through the pain*


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  • madeline3.14159

    Sometimes all you can do is pretend to smile through the pain XD but truly, pessimistic poetry is the best!

    3 months ago
  • birthdaycandles

    That sounds so painful! I’ve never really gotten them that bad, but I have some friends that say they do. I’ll keep you in my prayers Anne, God bless :)

    3 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    Ugh, cramps are the worst! But, it’s amazing how you can take all that pain and turn it into beautiful poetry! I also love the title. It’s terrible, but smart.
    Replying: I’m so glad you liked the first chapter! It has received a lot of good feedback! And thanks... for everything <3.

    3 months ago
  • beth r.

    re: lol thanks for the answers! also yes peeta is peeta and we love peeta

    3 months ago
  • erin!

    " and i'm grateful / because it could be worse / it has been worse / but after a certain point / pain blinds me" oh dear cramps are truly the worst i have many tears over the my very mean uterus. and i know i said poets dont spin words from spider silk *but* you are an excpetion!

    3 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Ouch. Um I gladly CAN'T relate to this on a spiritual level but i can agree...cheers to pessimistic poetry

    3 months ago
  • beth r.

    yes i relate to this on a spiritual level at the moment if you get what i'm saying lol

    3 months ago
  • Emi

    I love how you have no fear/shame in writing about this! A lot of us go through it and it's really relatable.

    3 months ago
  • Inimitable

    Such beautiful, raw writing. Great job, from one singer and theater kid to another <3

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    :) love and support to you <3

    3 months ago