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"you wear your scars like wings, i heard" <3
"baby, it's alright, you'll be fine as long as you're mine"
"why do you write like you're running out of time?"
"she's my fantasy, she only comes at night"
"i run away from my problems"
*feel free to come and talk to me, i love to make new friends <3 not gonna lie, i'm a pretty cool person :p*
"sometimes i do drugs to ease the pain"
*carpe diem*
*rip juice 999*
*finger guns*
*rip peep, gbc*
*rip xxx*

i should be sleeping

August 28, 2020


i'm writing this at 3am,
crying all the while,
i've been trying (and failing) to get some sleep,
but it's a rather challenging trial.

so i decided i would write something,
then return to the task at hand.
which is trying to fall asleep,
but it's so hard, oh man.

it may be that i'm not tired,
or my demons who just won't let me sleep.
there's this one that's always so LOUD!
go away chad, you freak.

well, i guess 3 is the witching hour...
or maybe... is it 2...?
the demons don't care, they come whenever,
no matter how much i tell them to shoo.

i guess i'll figure it out,
as i do each night.
i tell the demons, "okay, i give up!"
then go and turn off the light.


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  • camlily

    OMG I LOVE THIS the rhyming is *superb* and it flows so well, great job :))

    about 2 months ago