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i watched the dnc and then the rnc and now i am fundamentally pessimistic


August 28, 2020


We are more different than we are similar.  Sometimes I read from the screen and get so angry my eyes roll back into my head.
I want to choose what to believe.  I want to be divisive.  I want to stick my politics onto my forehead and scare away small children.
Let us fight about the present and not about the future.  Let us attach tubes to our ears and let one-sided information sap like blood into our bones.
With throbbing veins I will worry existentially.  The decrepit figures who rule the world will die soon.  Their need not care.


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  • DreamingButterfly

    Replying: I don't agree with your point, but I do understand it. Thank you for explaining the other side of this so clearly. I believe abortion is about both the woman and the baby, but I don't think you or anybody else that supports abortion is just a baby killer with no morals, I believe those who support abortion are only misled. Do you mean that rich people got abortions while it was illegal, or did I misunderstand something? If you meant what I think you meant, I agree that that is not ok or fair at all. Ultimatly, no human can decide their own future. It's true that we can make plans and work to achieve our goals, but life happens to change plans, so I don't agree that anyone can take away a woman's right to decide her own future because she didn't truly have it in the first place. I understand what you say about adoption, and I admit that those are some issues I didn't think of. Surely the woman would have someone in her life to help take care of the child so she wouldn't have to face all of that workload alone, though, and that can make a huge difference if adoption wasn't an option. I do not at all believe that women are only for making babies or that a man's abuse would be the woman's fault at all. God gifted woman the important ability to bring new lives into the world and that is a good thing, but not all that He made them for. It is sad that some women are forced to deal with the consequences of others' actions, but there's nothing saying it can't be a blessing in disguise. God always has a plan, and I don't think it's ever abortion. I'm not saying that all Christians have to oppose abortion or that they all do. I'm not saying that you can't be pro-choice and still a good Christian, all I'm saying is that my opinion is based on my personal Christian beliefs so that is what I use to argue it. I doubt this will change your mind, either because you sound very confident, but I wanted to argue my side.

    3 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    " I want to stick my politics onto my forehead and scare away small children." felt that.

    3 months ago
  • Wisp

    Politics make me utterly fundamentally pessimistic, so I absolutely agree with this piece. And that line: “ Let us attach tubes to our ears and let one-sided information sap like blood into our bones.“ Oh my gosh it hits so close to home it hurts. And I just love this piece and its raw emotion. And as you poetically phrased it: “ With throbbing veins I will worry existentially.”

    3 months ago