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"If I wait 'til my tomorrow comes, is the waiting all I've ever done?"
-Ben Platt

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"It's alright, it's okay. You're not a monster just human and you made a few mistakes,"
-It's Alright by Mother Mother

"One page of the bible isn't worth a life,"
-The Village by Wrabel

"I thought you had me in prison this whole time, but I'm the one holding the key,"
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"A hundred bad days makes a hundred good stories and a hundred good stories makes me interesting at parties,"
-100 Bad Days by AJR

"With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist"
-Saturn by Sleeping At Last.

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intrusive thoughts || Mental Health Matters (3)

August 29, 2020



we all have that little voice
whispering things to us
that we wish we couldn't hear

that little voice might be quiet for some
and deafening for others
some people can ignore it
and others are consumed by it

it feels like the voice controls you
and it tells you
"you're not enough"
"everyone's judging you"
"you're a mistake"

the voice will never go away
but you can regain control
and maybe make it
a little quieter

imagine those intrusive thoughts
as an object you can hold
something you can pick up

now put them in a box
tape it up
and put it in a closet
or throw it in the basement

leave your intrusive thoughts there
and let your rational mind take over
and tell that voice
"you have no power over me"

because the voice is a coward
and it can be quieted
because you are stronger
than your intrusive thoughts
a little trick i learned in therapy to help me deal with intrusive thoughts. it works for me most of the time, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't work for you; no one is the same. remember to take care of yourselves today!


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  • Charisse Marison

    I really really REALLY needed this. It's something I have been struggling with for a long time. Thank you <3

    3 months ago
  • Samina

    Thanks alotttttt for writing and sharing this. This is like the voice inside me!!!

    3 months ago
  • Elizabeth Lewis

    This is awesome! Thank you for the tip! My mental thoughts make it very difficult to think sometimes! Thank you! :)
    "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." --- Revelations 21:4 :)

    3 months ago
  • Landofstories

    thank you<333

    3 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    That voice shouts inside me!! Thanks for those wonderful words <3

    3 months ago
  • Inimitable

    Wow I love your writing! Thanks for this! I also just have to say (agreeing with Jackson, haha) that I'm obSESSED with Ben Platt! He's amazing, and that song is gold

    3 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    replying: same! i first found out about his existence through dear evan hansen, but then my friend told me he did music too...and so i listened actually to older first, and it was like a jumpstart: you can be openly queer and people will still love you. so i started investigating...and i think i found myself!! and i have ben platt to thank! i love him lol

    3 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    also i just saw the ben platt quote in your bio!!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!! if i wait till my tomorrow comes/ is the waiting all ive ever done/ and will i get to/ get to know myself and the place i am/ get to fall in love with another man/ and understand...mAn i love that song, it was one of the first things i listened to yuesterday

    3 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    wow....this is great. I love how you're putting applicable tips in poetry. I think i'll try this next time dysphoria or depression comes knocking. thank you!

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    huh, I'm going to try this! Thank you! And take care of yourself as well <3

    3 months ago