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The Meeting places of my People

August 28, 2020


In back rooms,
In subtle corners,
We quietly reside.
Grand courts and hallowed halls
were not made for us,
we are not permitted to enter.
The tools to build our own are
hidden from our reach.
So instead we create small pockets of secret stardust.
Gather in whispers,
planning, supporting, loving. 
Even when we have no energy to fight,
we look after our own. 
And when we get too loud,
make too many people uncomfortable,
by being ourselves,
we are attacked. 
It is a while until we can safely meet again,
a new backroom,
a new subtle corner.
But we do, because
We look after our own. 
We claim these corners, these backrooms,
places where intimate
glances pass over
first time lips,
where we support and guide those who need it.
We plan our hallowed halls,
we dream of our grand courts,
ballrooms, parades,
places made for us
by us. 
We build tools to make our own.
And these backrooms,
and subtle corners,
are the meeting places of my people, 
Until we build our own. 
This poem was made to be about LGBTQ history, but could also be about any marginalized group creating their own spaces when they are pushed from the mainstream. I hope you enjoyed it!


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