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Finally completed week 7! I hope you're having a nice day.

Challenge Completed - Week 7

August 28, 2020

     Day 1

Before this year, writing had only been a minor hobby of mine. I enjoyed writing, of course, and wrote often, but up until 2020, it hadn't firmly rooted itself as a passion. I suppose it had something to do with a worldwide pandemic crashing upon our heads, but my "new" passion for writing came swiftly and silently.
    Previously, I had tried my hand at writing both poetry and fiction, and even written a couple of manuscripts. However, I found it difficult to finish all the projects I had begun. In fact, I've abandoned or set aside nearly fourty book projects, and I've only finished writing two of them.
    Therefore, my new writing goal, arguably the most crucial of all in my case, is to complete the projects I start. I hope to finish writing and begin revisions on the book I am currently writing. To do so, I'll have to make schedules for myself, keep motivated, and write consistently. Being able to finish the projects I start will leave me feeling accomplished.

    Day 2

Reading a published author's work from a writer's perspective is peculiar, because I find myself scrutinizing every phrase, soaking in every personification, searching for the meaning behind every metaphor. I drink the words as if they were water. I applaud meticulously crafted phrases jumping out from the page. I store the best in a mental file, hoping to dig them back up later. I read and I read and I criticize and I admire, and from that, I seek to become a better writer myself.
    My goal is to use books to help me improve my writing. I learn much from the books I read, whether I like the book or not. I learn about character, about sentence variety, about consistent plot, about how to turn an average paragraph into one that stands out.
    Sometimes, I learn from things I enjoy. I'll analyse a character that stood out to me, and ask myself: why do I like/dislike them? What makes them memorable? Other times, I'll do the same with something I dislike. Maybe the main character is dull and one-dimensional, and I'll ask myself: why is this character important to the plot? Why am I so detached from the character and how can I avoid making mine like this?
    I can use my observations to improve my writing. This is my goal: to use my findings to better hone my writing skills.

    Day 3

    While writing is the key to creating my work, editing is the key to shaping it. I consider myself experienced with writing. However, editing is another story. Therefore, my goal is to improve my editing skills so I can edit without doubts or fear, and make work I can be proud of.

    Day 4

     Filler words. The curse of every writer. I try my best to omit any unnecessary words or phrases in my writing, but I always miss some. My goal is to cut back on redundant words to emphasize the most important parts. By reducing the amount of filler words I use, I can better use my space on the page/screen. Additionally, it makes my sentences easier to read if I cut it back to only what helps the story or poem.

     Day 5 

    Colours. Tones. An artist's palette dotted with vivid oranges and yellows punctuated with a deep aubergine. A dark, shadowy street illuminated only by a flickering streetlight. A green field dotted with daisies.
    Colours. Tones. The spark of a writer's imagination, the transfer of images from the writer to the reader.
    My goal is to learn to use colours to evoke strong images in my writing. Using a colour palette will not only stick to the reader's mind but leave me feeling satisfied with my own work.


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