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On Lesbianism

August 28, 2020


"Lesbian" feels like home.
That Lady of Lesbos,
Who loved, and immortalized her love
through breath.
Who's comforting arms keep us,
daughters of Bilitis,

"Lesbian" feels like a stranger.
A porn category,
a dirty word,
an insult.
It sounds like objectification,
by sweaty men
at 2 am. 

"Lesbian" feels like a protest. 
We, a menace to society
painted lavender
with wide smiles and warm hands.
Our self-acceptance is 
our love is

This one was a LOT to write. Identifying as lesbian has always felt scary, but it is such a magical word, a magical state of being that just fits with me. I hope I connected to someone through this poem. See if you can spot the references to various lesbian organisations :)


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  • timid.

    better than words <3

    3 months ago
  • waxingcrescents

    This piece!! It's so good. I especially love the last stanza.

    3 months ago
  • sunny.v

    yes queen talk yo truth!! <3

    3 months ago
  • Katenewell

    Beautiful symbolism, love all your references to Sappho and wlw history. Such a brilliant, relevant piece, thank you for publishing! You live up to your bio aha :)

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    <3 Wow, this is so heartfelt. It really hit me! I love the "painted lavender" part XD I actually recently dyed my hair purple so this felt like it was speaking directly to me.
    Beautiful and so true! I love this piece!

    3 months ago