Peer Review by Charlotte Bok Choy (Australia)

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to be courageous isn't to be fearless

By: HelpMe512


it's okay to be scared
it's okay to have fears
and doubts
and regrets

i'm scared to start school alone
i'm scared of being a failure
i'm scared of being judged
i'm scared of being myself

but the definition of courage
isn't being fearless
it's being able to overcome those fears
and push them to the side

being afraid doesn't make you weak
it makes you braver
facing those fears
makes you even stronger

so it's okay to be afraid
but don't let the fear control you
because to be courageous
isn't to be fearless

lowercase intentional
sending love to all those who need it <3
OH and should i make this a series? every day or so i might post a little poem or story about mental health or just uplifting words. does that interest anyone? and what would be a good name for the series? i've been lacking motivation so this might be really good to do

Peer Review

I really loved this piece! It was really encouraging and inspirational. Good job! You used some really powerful and moving sentences. I loved the technique of repetition you used to reinforce your ideas.

Something I think that would make this even better is if you added some other techniques like metaphors, similes and alliteration? Also something I think would be cool is to start the poem kind of sad, like with the paragraph that says "i'm scared to start school alone". You could then get the poem more uplifting as you go along? This is just a suggestion you could try out?

Reviewer Comments

This was a wonderful poem: uplifting and enjoyable to read. Nice work! Also, you should make it a series! It's amazing!