Peer Review by Jasmine khawar (India)

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golden girl

By: Paisley Blue


the princess of the sun
high above the world
stands tall among the blinding lights
the golden girl

robed in golden fabric
and wearing a golden crown
trailing a veil of light
from her golden gown

bound to her post by sunbeams
lashed and tied too tight
captured by beauty
tethered by ribbons of light

the golden girl weeps
golden tears
stifling sunlight glows
through endless golden years

fighting restraints
but too weak to resist
around her swirls
tainted golden mist

and then the golden girl ceases
to exist

Peer Review

WOW! this whole piece is delight! It's every line says something, this tells a wonderful story! I love every single line of it. So beautifully written and really a nice concept. Word choice is incredible and imagery is spectacular! It's short but lovely. I always love these kind of pieces. I can even imagine this. I'm in love with this. At first it made me speechless.

This piece is perfect in my point of View. COMPLETE!! Great job, amazing piece. Keep writing <3

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