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all the things i dream of--part 6

August 26, 2020


note: please read parts 1-5 before reading part 6, as they are a collection. they will make much more sense if pieced together in the correct order.

tw: blood, death, etc.

today's poem, titled "Lamb", focuses on the pieces i've picked up, how they've ultimately all come together for this purpose, so that i might find myself here. this is where one era ends and another begins, where i become something all together more beautiful.

here is where i find my collision
a choice between life and death
kneeling on the steps before
the king i killed dipped my fingers
in his blood he's alive just like
the rumors told me it's true all true
and every knee must bow even mine
knowledge knowledge knowledge
but no hope no hope no hope
and i cry as death smiles and
twists its slender fingers around
my neck its lips curling upwards
into a sneer tonight there is no hope
no hope no hope no hope for me
but the king meets me here
bending to show me nail marks
twin scars that still remain from that
night on golgotha the hammer slick
in my hands pounding pounding
i swamp myself in dirty creeks of
salty tears brine washes itself into
my pores what hope is there for
a murderer but what if it’s true and
this is my Lamb sacrifice provided
given up life for life and now
raised to seal this crumbling soul
it is true true true all true
my heart does not so easily
slip through his fingers or drop
from his palms i am not my own
anymore he bends to claim me
and i am his alone


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  • doodleninja

    "my heart does not so easily
    slip through his fingers or drop"
    I absolutely love those lines ^^ XD

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    I really like this one <3 wow this spoke to me

    6 months ago