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A Gala for the Ages (A One Year Special)

September 26, 2020


i. You've Been Cordially Invited 
your finger almost slips from the ecstasy in your heart 
the invitation glowing brightly before flying off 
into the winds of time, where you follow it 
intrigued and excited, a feeling you haven't 
felt in quite some time, and you smile 
because once more you feel your innocent youth 
coming back, as if adulthood hasn't murdered 
the child within you just yet 

ii. Escape to Neverland
pinpricks of excitement and nervousness edge 
at the corners of your brain as you look at the world below 
it looks so beautiful, so quaint, so homey 
there's something calling you closer and closer 
and suddenly you find yourself soaring 
far above the clouds, colliding with stars 

iii. Your Heart is Racing 
bathump bathump bathump 
your heart is pounding within your chest 
as you hold the pseudonymous mask in your hand 
a mask crafted specially for you upon your arrival 
it's yours to form, to mold into whatever you want 
and your fingers itch towards the adornments nearby 

iv. Starry-Eyed Newcomer 
the steps down to the gala are made of jewels 
chandeliers glowing from bright gold 
sending sparkles of rainbow intricacy across the ballroom floor 
the room is full of people dressed in pseudonymous masks 
of grand splendor, and you watch as they walk 
with an air of regality
all you can do is stare in awe 
shy of this ballroom, fearful of these people 
yet you're still smiling with eyes of stardust

v. Darling, You're so Beautiful 
nerves bite at the edges of your existence 
as you glide across the ballroom floor 
a motion you've performed so many times 
but this time it feels so much more different 
and suddenly you hear a person clap for you 
as they throw a rose towards your grace 
gathering close by just to see you twirl once more 

vi. Your Splendor has been Squandered 
you bite your lip, stepping aside as you watch 
in awe, in amazement, in utter envy 
as dancers take the ballroom floor 
poised with such grace, bouquets thrown at them, 
crowds gathering in steadfast collections 
and you wonder if you'll ever been like the 
royalty that orders the attention of the gala with a single step 

vii. You Have Become Recognized 
your crowd has formed, roses turning the ballroom red, 
the sound of applause deafening your ears 
as you feel yourself floating, daring to dance another number 
and you like this feeling, so much so you dream of it in the nights 
the ballroom has transformed to your castle of dreams 
and you sit upon a high throne 

viii. Insatiable Desire 
twirling, twirling, twirling 
you've spun circles so gallantly, your steps becoming 
a well worn smile upon your face, 
and you stay within the ballroom, even as some have 
retired to the stars above, as the ballroom has become 
barren as the guests file off to conquer their woes 
but you can't stop, you can't stop from coming back 
and you keep peeking from behind red curtains of ballroom balconies 
for a glance back at the gala

ix. It is Time for Farewell
the dancers you've adored from your arrival 
are starting to disappear, and you try to chase them 
walking in the shadow of the footprints they've left behind
and they've left behind the memories of them, with one last 
performance for all to applaud, roses showering them 
but the gap they've left behind is too wide 
and you find yourself drowning in the heartache caused by their departure 
the place they once stood never refilled 

x. New Guests have Arrived
starry-eyed, as you once were, they strut in 
brazen little fellows who you adore for their innovative twirls 
and you throw them roses, applauding, gathering before them 
as someone once had for you, and you've found a new feeling within 
because receiving the rose was a shortburst feeling of ecstasy, 
but giving the rose was a longterm feeling of contentment 
and you realize that your envy that had tainted you once before 
has melted away, and you feel yourself beam with pride 
at the gala of guests along the ballroom floor 

xi. Paradise is Toxic Too
you take off your pseudonymous mask, setting it aside 
and you take one more glance back at the ballroom below
setting off to the world you had ignored for so long 
because you love the gala, the guests of beauty 
but you've stayed in paradise for far too long 
and after a while paradise gets too much to bear 
too suffocating, and you can only be suffocated for so long 
so you pack up and dash away, leaving 
and you'll be back one day, but for now 
you'll take a break from your dancing slippers, and realize 
new things you had been too blind to see before 

xii. You've Found a Home
sitting back upon the balcony you inhabit 
your pseudonymous mask draping in elegant silks 
you watch as guests, new and old, glide across the ballroom 
and you offer them your roses, your applause 
as they had for you, and you find yourself content, 
happy in this new home you've built 
in a room of strangers you feel you have grown close to 
and the child within you smiles once more
The One Where the Footnote is as Long as the Actual Piece 

Hello my lovelies, darlings, fellow WtWers! 

    It has officially been one year since I have come across this wonderful website called Write the World and joined this beautifully vibrant community. That's 365 days and counting. A whole year of my life I have given away to this site and I'd do it over and over again. 
    Exactly a year ago, I was this scared little girl who had won her first writing contest and was excited to win another. So she scavenged the internet, coming across this little abode that hosted monthly competitions. And when I found it, I solely came for the competitions, even the site was bookmarked on Competitions. But something about this site changed that part of me. When I published my first piece here, I received kind words and sparkling little stars. And slowly, something in me began to change. It changed this shy writer to this strong woman. Some of you may not realize it, and we may only know each other through words on a screen, but each encounter we've had has affected me in ways you may not even realize. 
    If any of you have read my piece Society of the Fallen then you'd know about that person who picked up my ink smeared pages. Well, when I wrote that I was thinking about one person in particular, Charisse Marison. She gave me my first like, my first follow, my first sense that what I wrote mattered. And if you're reading this Charisse, I hope you know how much those little things meant to me. I hope you know how much you changed me for the better. 
    So after a couple weeks, my bookmark changed from the Competitions section to the Dashboard section. And through this little site, I've found some incredible pieces and have been truly inspired. And I've watched as people have risen (sunny.vmia_:)DoodleninjaAnne Blackwood, and oh so many more) and as some have left us behind (batman_is_a_crackerlindsmariebuckAnhaagustdv, and others have heartbreakingly left as well). And I've seen newcomers arrive, all starry eyed and shy, (Elle Sin, girl in blue37_apollofr8gsCursiveLoveLexi Birken, cosmogyral, antizoeclub and just so many other brilliant writers awaiting us). And we cannot possibly forget the legends on this site (DmoralJasmine_KrainandsonderrosemarywisdomPureHeart and my my my how could I possibly mention them all?). And dovetrees, thanks for everything, you're such a ray of sunshine here and I'm so glad we've gotten to talking. To all of you, not just the ones aforementioned, but you the person who is reading this, it has truly been an honor. 
    To be honest, there have been turbulence along the course of this year and I've had some doubts with continuing with this site. Because even paradise can be toxic after all. But that doesn't matter now, because I'm here and thriving. Thriving may be too extreme a word, but it seems accurate. 
    It feels just like yesterday that I wandered upon here and I wrote my first piece. I've grown so much from that 14 year old who came looking for a writing competition in the twelve months I've been here. My writing has taken a turn for the better, or so I believe (but honestly my earlier writing makes me cringe). And I dare to say that this site has made me a better person. I hate to admit it, but as much as I've been happy for others, I could never be fully happy because I was always ivy green with jealousy. And I wish that part of me didn't exist, but I can't deny that it's not there. Though, in the last few months, I've become genuinely happy and proud of other people and their triumph. And it's as if something in me has shifted, and I'm just oh so grateful for everything all of you have given me. For every single experience, every single tear of joy, every single smile, every single new person I've met, every single follow, every single sparkling star, just everything
    And gosh, I only have 4 and (give or take) a half more years before I have to leave this site for the generations to come. So, until then, I'll wear my pseudonymous mask and cheer on others as they did to me. Thank you everyone, every single one of you, for making my year here at Write the World so memorable. Here's to the coming years and the next generations of young writers!

All the love in the world, 


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  • Dmoral

    okay so with Jane, I lowkey felt like he loved the idea of her (the memories, her prettiness) and that's why he believed he really liked/loved her. Because for all we know now, she's changed, completely different than believed and/or percieved. I just felt like, Holden needed something to hold on to in the duration of his life in NY by himself, and the author needed a motif that got us thinking.

    7 months ago
  • Dmoral


    7 months ago
  • Dmoral

    reply: woah, that was a lot all at once, so sorry it took me forever before responding. anyway, here's my take on The Catcher in the Rye. heads us, there's def gonna be typos so bear with me.

    1. the only reason i checked out the book from the library was that it was a classic. it was on a list of books my teacher told students we should read to help us with exams and as i powered through the list, i came across this book. if it wasn't on the list, i never would've read it.

    Personally, as a former-primary YA reader, this book is an absolute, chaotic, angsty mess. However, as a current AP English student & classics enthusiast, this book is tolerable and strategically insightful for the right audience. Here's why: Holden is written for us to have mixed feelings about. Personally, I hated him, because he obviously has so much potential and throws it away for absolutely no solid reason and is completely dramatic and too much, all while being a player. Plus, you're right, he's a super jealous kind of person, which is toxic, yk? So if in real life, I'd be nice to him, but I probably couldn't be his friend. On the other hand, he obviously has some ADHD and other mental issues. Additionally, he's still a teenage boy going through puberty and growing. So I get it-hate it-but get it. Then through my other, student-like lens, I understand it's supposed to be "eye-opening" in a sense. Because yes, this text is as you said, is partly about facing realities---a huge part of growing up. And it's a huge struggle for him to do so. Which is where the character growth comes in etc etc. Which, okay, brings me to the prositute part. Like, no teenage boy should be getting away with roaming the city----WHERE ARE ALL THE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS OMG!?-let alone in a situation like that, paying for such services. And I'm not getting into the politics of such a service, but I'm underlying the issue of him being a minor, only 16, going so far as to do that. Plus, when he asks to just talk to her, you can see his hidden truth and soul there, which I liked, but I couldn't properly process until the woman left cause let's be real, he should've never been in that sistuation. He wants a real relationship, he wants the physical as much as he wants mental, but society and puberty is crafting him more toward the former and so it's hard for his old soul. Which yes, I give him that, he has an old soul when you really dissect him. Like the museum and duck thing. Which represents his ultimate internal conflict: finding himself. He's stuck between his youthful boy being old soul tendencies and curiosities and it's hard for him. So I guess-as I'm typing this mind you-that I don't hate him, because I feel like you can't truly hate someone you understand, but I mostly pity him. The only true thing he holds on to is his sister, she's his rock and he needs that. And briefly, so was his English teacher. Which I love english teachers, I can also relate. But his sister is what spoke to me most, I adore her. I adore how protective and loving she is, how she cares but also stands by him. She packed a bag so quickly with little to no protest, still in her school outfit during lunch, and was ready to just run away. That was the definition of unconditional love for me, and I envy her.

    So as a student, I agree with you about the depressing aura, with its quaintness and overall arcs. The understanding parts of a teenager, the internal struggles, etc etc. But personally? This book feels as though it lacks a proper plot. So many of the characters felt flat, one dimensional, and I hated that. It's like the author made them that way so we-as readers-knew our perspectives and introductions to them were skewed. No one was even given a chance, this book had one of the biggest narration biases I've ever read. Also, I understand the theme and conflict of his internal things, but even that felt somewhat surface deep. It's like zero to hero with him all the time, no in-between, and yes, that's probably because of his personality but...I don't know, it was hard for me to actually like Holden and the story. I don't want to read about a boy's "big day out" where he does awful things while trying to find himself. But yes, I can understand the reality of it (more of back then tho, not so much today). It just felt like the author was trying to break so many cliches with a character such as Holden's type, it didn't exactly work out so well.

    aNd ThAnKs FoR wAtChInG mY tEd TaLk~

    7 months ago
  • Dmoral

    you wanna talk classics? i'm ALWAYS down for that love!! if we're starting with Catcher in the Rye, girl, i have SO MANY mixed feelings, imma type out my long*** and unneeded personal minireview/thoughts on it tmr when i ahve somewhat more sleep lol. but yES, we're doing this ;)

    7 months ago
  • mirkat

    Hi, I just joined WtW and I stumbled across your profile and decided why not read something of yours, so I picked this one (mainly from the title which I love). AND OH MY GOD this is an amazing piece, it feels so real-- I can feel it happening. The names and the words you use are so creative.
    Then I saw your footnote (which I love btw) and I was like wow, so cool. So here I am writing a comment. I hope I get to celebrate my 365 days on this site someday just like you did. Anyway, I love your work and your letter and pretty much everything. :D

    8 months ago
  • Dmoral

    omg wisp, i remember went i decided to go through all of Anha's pieces (back when she was still active and had loads of content), and it took me FOREVER and DAYS----but it was SO SO SO SO worth it. i commented & liked on every piece i read too. but i never thought anyone would do that with my writing, so the fact you did...it feel like that good karma circle "what goes around comes around" and idk i just kinda love it rn (humble, ik). anyway, thanks for all the love and support and you're truly an amazing person. :) best wishes! ~

    8 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Re: Shh, but yeah. I never think of imagination from a statement. It tells you something clearly and boldly. That's the purpose of number 27.

    8 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Re: Aw, thank you so much!!!!!! That means so much to me. I appreciate all the exclamation points. :) I actually wrote most of that celebration piece a couple weeks ago and just never got around to publishing it, so your comment was an amazing reminder of my happiness at each accomplishment. I'll be reading that comment when I need motivation. Thank you!

    Also sorry for not replying to your previous comment yet. I watched Friends while it was on Netflix. I was mad at HBO at first for stealing it from me, but I'm glad that you were able to watch it. It's so good! I love Chandler. And yep, we just ARE our instruments. XD

    8 months ago
  • Emi

    This is so lovely! The description is so vibrant and gorgeous; it puts me right in the ballroom!

    8 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    this is such a sweet, sweet piece... i can tell how much this site has meant to you. i wanted to thank you as well for the kind words of welcome and your gorgeous comment. they mean a lot to me.

    8 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Re: For the Friends thing I was talking about how you titled the footnotes "The One Where the Footnote is as Long as the Actual Piece" because all the episodes start with "The One," but it's still funny that we both thought of Friends. Yep, Friends is great. I love that show. I'm sure we'll see each other too! See you (virtually) around! :)

    8 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Okay, I am an actual idiot. A year and NINE days. I just counted the fingers on my right hand. I meant the counting fingers thing as a joke, but it turns out that I really can't count. Very sorry for the confusion. XD

    8 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Wow, this piece is so creative! I love your storytelling within the poem. And congrats on 1 year!!! (and... *counts on fingers* 4 days) Your footnotes feel so sincere and I can relate to everything you said. I'm so glad you're not leaving. And was the title to it a Friends reference...? Or am I just making random connections? XD Anyways, congrats!!! Love this piece!

    Re: Wow, thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad my poem made you feel that way. It really means so much to me.

    8 months ago
  • queenie

    re: actually, that piece was supposed to be about tennis - but i like your interpretation very much. fascinating.

    8 months ago
  • queenie

    duuuude are you kidding? i mean, it seems like you put a lot of heart and soul into your work. you deserve so many more followers. damn.

    8 months ago
  • queenie

    also how am i not already following you?? this piece is genius.

    8 months ago
  • queenie

    ha! your name is already spooky, mate.

    8 months ago
  • Dmoral

    literally, how was i not already following you? this is massive and yet i'm still obsessed

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thank you very much! :)

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Happy one year anniversary!!

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    This piece is such an emotional rollercoaster. You did such an amazing job of capturing what it's like to be here. This makes me feel both old and young at the same time. I'm honored by your mention of me; thank you! I'm definitely bookmarking this piece.

    9 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    I'm in love with this piece, congrats on one year! <3

    9 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher

    You are so amazing! I'm so glad I had you to welcome me to this site. It felt so good, having someone to bring me here so welcoming me:) SO I will enjoy those four and a half years.

    9 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Awe yay!! Cheers to soo many more years to come Wisp!! <3

    9 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    This was so beautiful and the pictures you painted with your words were stunning! :)

    9 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Wow, first of all, I adore this piece. The descriptions, the emotions... the piece itself is stunning, truly.
    Secondly, I got so worried you were leaving, omg! I am so glad you aren't. I love reading your pieces. You are so fun and nice to everyone, and I admire your talent. I relate so much to that feeling of finding the site and it just growing to mean more to me! It's amazing, really. Here is to many, many more years! Hugs and confetti and cake (because what is an anniversary without a party? i hope your imagination is amazing enough to party with me)!
    Have a great day, and happy writing!!!

    9 months ago
  • SunV

    Happy one year anniversary wisp! This piece is also amazing!

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    *excuse my spelling mistakes of the previous comment XD you have me stunned

    9 months ago
  • PureHeart

    My gosh so I haven't been on this site for a while but I'm glad I came on today. And I'm especially glad I came along to this. The formatting is excellent, just genuis. I love the structure of this piece and your writing is so capticating in its description. Please do more like this!
    There was me in awe of this piece and when my eyes trailed down to the footnotes I saw my userbame and was like WhAt?! You consider me a legend on this site?? Woah was not expecting that. I'm glad I've made an impression on someone of your writing standard. You've made me quite emotional actually, so I wanted to say thank you. Keep being awesome, my dear ^^

    9 months ago