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help girl, i feel a different heartbeat inside my chest.
50~ Sept. 2020

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another botw-inspired piece as the other one was well recieved. inspired by artwork that i don't think i can link (haha link funny). the artist described rushing through the game without taking time to enjoy it out of the sheer anxiety that they were too late to save the princess.
i think this one is more explicitly botw cause it actually makes sense place in-universe (though i avoided most explicit references, though there was a pretty obvious zelda one in there).

how long has everyone been waiting?

August 26, 2020


the world is beautiful and overgrown,
though, something about it doesn't sit
quite as well as it should.

you lean against a tree illuminated by campfire,
observing the sun set against the blooming landscape.
and while you don't remember,
something is wrong.

flashes of memories pull at your temples while you
walk against the grass, wind rippling in your shirt
(you remembered the smell of blood soaked against fabric-
was it your own?)
the light of a smile, the caress of a hand,
these people who were apparently your friends-
(it doesn't matter now- they're dead. so take up your sword,
hero, whether you like it or not)
but you know that the world isn't the same
as it was before.

the old woman tells you to hurry
(she who is trapped in the castle needs you)
but as you watch the the sun rise, illuminating
the land they say you failed so many years ago,
you have to know.

how long?
you wonder, light piercing your eyesight as you turn to her.
how long has everyone been waiting?

the woman reads your eyes,
(how did she know to do that?)
smiling sadly.
the world has been waiting an awfully long time,
your spirit is trapped in an endless cycle, forever fighting against the malice that plagues these lands. do you accept your fate?
-yes    -no


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  • Anne Blackwood

    I think I'm the only one with no clue what botw is XD. Cool piece all the same!

    3 months ago
  • Lata.B

    mhm yes 100%

    3 months ago
  • Bookwitch

    YES! Amazing work

    3 months ago
  • Cici'sTimes

    Yep yep. This presents the mood for botw. Good job, and yes I will forever fight the evil the plagues the land.

    3 months ago