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These are the three flash fiction pieces I came up with for the competition. I ultimately only submitted 1946. The competition is over but I'm still super happy to hear from anybody about any one of these, doesn't have to be all of them.

Micro Anthology

August 23, 2020


    I sat waiting for hours, just like yesterday, and the day before, consoled only by the heat of the hearth and the occasional kisses from Max. This had to be the day. I couldn’t explain to my mother the hopeful premonition I awoke with; any attempt was met with a tearful scolding. But my optimism depleted at the demise of daylight, so I began walking to bed. Then the door swung open. My eyes met his. I threw myself into his arms. Then I woke up. Just like yesterday, and the day before.

The Woodcarver
    “Come look, come look! They’re dancing!” 
Mrs. Atchison wore an exhausted expression as her once familiar spouse dragged her down the grey hall. She begrudgingly entered her husband’s quarters, and was met with a sadness she had become accustomed to. Her husband’s grin deflated.
“Honey, they were just dancing, I swear!”
His wife said nothing as she walked out of the room and slammed the door behind her. A teary eyed Mr. Atchison looked down at his creations as they began to move again.
One Last Glimpse    
Far past the circle of heads in my peripheral lies the bright sky. I know these faces but cannot recall the persons behind them. “Do I know you?” My lips do not move. Why do they all cry? 
The moon is out, and still I feel the light thump of tears beating upon my chest. Wait, where are they going now? Why is it suddenly black?


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