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all the things i dream of--part 4

August 23, 2020


note: please read parts 1, 2, and 3 if you haven't already, before digging into today's poem. as a collection, they will make the most sense if read in the correct order.

tw: mentions death

today's poem, titled "surely", focuses on all the fears that encircle my heart, a whip of thorns drawn across my forearms at the knowledge of this that will surely come for me. surely, life has an end, and who can stand when this moment comes? death waits in the shadows for me, drooling over its victims.

this ground quakes beneath my feet
earth splitting into shattered glass
remaking itself becoming whole again
i look upon a sunday sunrise the sun
lolls dances upon the horizon but
it’s light is dimmer angels say
“he is risen” and i prepare to flee
into caves and cry to the mountains
to fall on me save me who can stand
none none none can stand against
the power of the risen lamb
i am not god i am not god
knowledge knowledge knowledge but
no hope i am not god i never was
the serpent all this time has lied
ever seen a snake dress in white?
my days as ruler of this earth have
ended and my crimes lie heavy
on my backs these are my charges
treason against the Most High
murder of this Son of God
i am not god no i am not god
shame comes now it has come
to remind us i will not live forever
i will surely die the wages of sin is
death and yes yes i will surely die


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1 Comment
  • doodleninja

    I love the repetition in this to convey that sense of overwhelming shame. Nice job! :)

    6 months ago