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A Romance Book: He's Here Chapter 1 (Edited)

By: anonymous_123 [Child of God]


Chapter 1- Comfortable

I walked in the garden one last time. It was the only place at the orphanage where I felt at peace. The orphange is so small, but the garden is huge; it makes me realize that we should admire all the little things. I was going to miss it and all of its beautiful things, the grass, the flowers, the trees, even the few birds that dropped by. But it didn’t matter. Out there in the real world, I can see this every day and everywhere, I wouldn’t have to ask permission to go outside; I could just be free. “Sophie! Get in here they are on their way!” Ms.Dossy yelled from the kitchen door. I think that her name should be Ms.Bossy, but I would never dare call her that. I quickly ran back to the orphanage through the kitchen door. Ms.Dossy grabbed my ear, “Listen you, just because it’s your last day here doesn’t mean that you can runoff. You’re still here and so am I, so I can still give you a whooping.” I flinched a bit. “You better get washing and remember don’t flinch when you get there” she grinned. What is that supposed to mean? I honestly didn’t care about most things she said, but if it was an order then I did. I got into the shower, it was cold and small. I was taller then the shower curtains, which meant that I had to hunch down otherwise people would see me naked. This is what everyone had to do. Where the showers this small in a house? I hoped not, otherwise, I’d be living this orphan life all over again. I took my damp towel and dried myself until most of the water was gone. All of our towels were damp because we could only have our wash day once every three months, this meant that the clothes that I’d be wearing today weren’t washed. My overalls smelled like dirt, my yellow long-sleeved shirt smelled like spoiled eggs too. I hoped that my foster parents wouldn’t judge me based on this. I quickly brushed my hair and styled it in two french braids. My hair was very curly and black, most mixed girls either had my hair or very coiled hair. I started to run down the stairs with my already packed suitcase, but I forgot something. “Can I come in?'' I asked. I forgot about him, my best friend. “Yes,'' a sad reply answered. “Listen, Jake, I want to stay with you, but I finally got home. Plus, I promise you that I’ll send you a letter at least once a week.” “It’s not that I don’t want you to leave, I’m happy for you. I just don’t want you to leave me.” I touched his hand, “I will never leave you. Once you get a home, we can meet or call each other!” “I don’t think it works that way Soph, but sure. Now you gotta get going, I think I hear Ms.Dossy yelling your name.” A tear ran down my face, “Go” he said. I slowly walked away and wiped my cheeks, before they could reach my neck. “Sophie, wait!” Jake yelled. He walked over to me and gave me the sweetest kiss on my cheek, “I will always love you, Sophie, always.” My heart started pumping three times faster than before. I could feel my cheeks started to blush. got so overwhelmed, that I just left, ran. Ms.Dossy was at the bottom of the stairs, “Where were you?” “I was just saying goodbye to a few friends.” “Well, you could’ve said it faster. They are here, and waiting.” I began following her to the child drop-off room. “Hello Mr. and Mrs.Patterson, I apologize for the wait” she eyed me like it was my fault. “No need to apologize, we are just very excited to have her. Hello Sophie, how are you doing today?” Mrs.Patterson asked. “I am having a splendid day, it would be even better if I had a cup of tea” I answered in a British accent. “You have a great sense of humor” Mrs.Patterson chuckled. Mr. and Mrs.Patterson looked lovely. Mr.Patterson was dressed in a plaid shirt and Mrs.Patterson was in a blue dress. They both had brown hair and Mrs.Patterson had freckles. “So Sophie, I heard about all of these hobbies that you have. You seem to have quite the talent. Our daughter at home saw and she'd love to have you teach her someday. Perhaps painting or sewing?” “Now, I believe that we have something more important to discuss. How about you talk about that later in the car? Would you like to adopt this child or just foster for now?” Ms.Dossy asked. “We haven’t quite discussed that yet, but we’d like Sophie to feel happy and comfortable. We would love to take her in and call her our daughter, but ultimately it is Sophie’s choice. Sophie, which one would you like to choose?” Mr.Patterson asked. I stuttered a bit, what if I didn’t like them or my house? What if I didn’t like my new school, what if they have a pet snake? But what if none of that happened? “I would love to be a part of this family. You seemvery nice, so I'm willing to take a chance and have you adopt me,” I said proudly. I knew that all these questions that I had before were foolish and that I just needed to breathe. “Oh good, I needed her to be gone anyway,” Ms.Dossy said. “Pardon me?” Mrs.Patterson asked. Ms.Dossy was only in it for the money, she did everything that she could to get rid of us kids. “Well then, just sign here and here and you are off to go!” Mr. and Mrs.Patterson signed the papers. They then left the building and it was time for me to say goodbye to one last person. "Bye Ms.Dossy. I hope that you have a splendid day, make sure to have the lunch ladies fetch you a cup of tea. It will relax you even more" I said in the british accent again. "Oh I sure will!" then she stuck her tongue out at me. I just smiled so that I could tease her. It's the last time I'd be able to do that without getting a whooping. I only have twice, but still I got twice to many. As I walked to the car, I tried not to get too excited. I would look very strange; so I kept my cool. “I am so excited! Thank you for adopting me!” Ok, I didn’t keep my cool. “That’s great honey, are you going to get into the car?” Mrs.Patterson asked. “Yes, I will” I answered back. The truth was I’ve never been in a car before, which meant I didn’t know how to open it. I continuously jiggled the black door handle, but it wouldn’t budge. I looked down to the ground, yeah I needed help but that didn't mean that I had to give up. I tried again. “Sophie, do you know how to open the door?” Mrs.Patterson asked. I shook my head. She then walked over to me and opened the door. "Don't be afraid to ask for help, that's what parents are for." I got into the car and strapped in my seat belt, that I knew I could figure out. Was this how mom's acted? Do I even know how a family works? My eyes started to water and my face started to get hot, my throat felt dry and like I couldn’t grasp air. Not again, this just reminded me that I was loosing Jake. This is exactlyhow I felt after I said goodbye to him. I wish going to miss him, and a letter would show how much I cared for him, he was my friend. Wait, when he said he loved me did he mean as a friend or- “Hey Sophie, we forgot to tell you that your new brother and sister’s name is Parker and Charlie. You will be sharing a room with Charlie. A heads up is that Charlie is very girly and Parker is very shy” Mr.Patterson said. “And you don’t have to call them your sister and brother, we just want you to feel at home and comfortable.” They kept using the word comfortable, I wondered why. What did they even mean by comfortable? They wanted me to be warm in a snuggly blanket? Anyway, the rest of the car ride was pretty quiet and very short. I thought car rides were supposed to be long, not short. “Alright kiddo we are here!” Mr.Patterson said. No way! This was a mansion! It felt like I was in the movies or something! I’ve only watched about five, but all five were spectacular. “Is this a mansion?” I asked eagerly. “No, most certainly not, not even close. Mansions are much larger, this is just a bigger house” Mr.patterson answered. “Well it looks beautiful,” I said. “Thank you. How about we get out of the car and meet everyone. Oh well look, everyone is at the front porch” she waved at the kids. I started to get out of the car, well I tried again, but Mrs.Patterson opened it for me. “Sophie these are our two kids, Parker and Charlie. Say hello?” Mrs.Patterson said. “OMG! Thank the Lord up above that I finally have a sister! By the way, the g in OMG stands for gosh, Christian vibes'' Charlie said waving her hand while having her pinkie and thumb out. I just smiled at her. Christian, I didn’t know that coming into this family meant that I had to be religious? Well, I guess I do since I’m adopted. “Hi, I’m Parker.” Parker introduced himself in a very quiet way, his voice was soft and his posture wasn’t straight. I’m surprised that his sister didn’t make him more upbeat, she seemed like one of those girls who talked a lot, girly exactly what her mom said. I remember those types of girls from the orphanage. “Well let’s get inside, Charlie can help you unpack Sophie's bags and give hea tour,” Mr.Parker said. "Yes mom." I walked inside the house with all my suitcases and luggage in my hand. This was huge and so welcoming. Was this supposed to mean comfortable? “Here up these stairs and to the right is our room, you can follow me there,” Charlie said. I followed her up to the room, “Wow it’s huge!” “Well, I guess that’s good because it gives us some space and can help us stay less cluttered.” She was right about that. It reminded me of my room in the orphanage, lucky for us we had four rooms. Two rooms for each gender. The first room was for girls aged twelve and below. The second room was for girls aged 13 through 18. This is the same thing for the boys. Yes, the rooms were a bit bigger, but it was about the same size as this for multiple people. So why'd she need such a big room for just one person? “Well, I promised mom and dad that I’d be helping you unpack. By the way, you don’t have to call them Mr. and Mrs.Patterson, their names are Rob and Emily, well dad’s name is Robert” Charlie said. “Rob is a funny name, but cool” I giggled. “I know right?” she replied. After that we started to unpackIt was very easy since I had barely anything. “Sorry, I use the closet, but those drawers I’ve never used, so you should have enough room,” Charlie said. “Wait, are those all the clothes you have?” “Yeah, but I don’t recommend smelling them, they smell worse than how they look.” She looked at me, "It can't be that bad." Then took a good whiff out of it, "Ok yeah it is" she said laughing. “Well, when I give you a tour of the place we can do your laundry. Unless you don’t want any of the clothes.” I shook my head and looked at her like she was crazy! “OK then, that’s what I thought” she tossed them into a garbage bag. “That’s where I put either my old clothes for the goodwill, they send these to people in orphanages. Of course, we wash them before we send them! Otherwise, that would be ridiculous. Anyway, today is Friday. Friday through Sunday is the weekend which means that you’ll start school with me on Monday. This means that maybe tomorrow we can go shopping together with some of my friends, that way you’ll get to know some people. We should try to get five pairs of shorts, five pairs of pants, five short-sleeved, and five long-sleeved. Now, we aren’t going to shop for all of those because I do have clothes that I can lend you.” She walked over to her closet and got out a blouse. “This would look so cute on you, I could never pull it off. Well, the bathroom is outside the door to your left.” “Does that mean that I have to change into it?” "Yes, silly!" she said and shoved me. I giggled. I was soon done with changing into the blouse, and then some jeans and sooner or later almost all of her closet. "Ok, so I don't want to spend too much money at the mall, but I also don't want you going to school and people thinking that all you're clothes are mine. So you can choose three of each item of clothing" Charlie said. "Now I know that you're used to wearing bagging or ripped things, but you don't have to wear that anymore." "Yeah it's like I'm looking at a magazine, I've seen these types of outfits in a teenage one. Sometimes the orphanage shows us and gives us magazines to read and look at what we can look forward to when we have a home." It was so hard to decide which outfits i wanted, they were all pratically perfect. I finally concluded and choose a tie-dyed shirt, a pink turtle neck, and the blouse that she first gave me. For pants, I just choose three pairs of jeans pants. Charlie told me that because it's September that I should have some jeans and when we go shopping we can get shorts. I then chose three dresses. I didn't want to take all her pretty ones, so I chose one plain long-sleeved, black dress, a skater light blue dress, and a dress with flowers on it. "Ok, I can work with that. That means when I go to the mall I need to buy some more jeans and shirts. Quick question for you, what is a sister? I know that it's a bit off topic" That was a tough question, "Umm. A sister is someone who is a girl and in your family. They are your parents' daughter. I don't know I feel like I sound stupid or something." "Listen I get it, you've never had a home before and this is all new. In a way you were correct, but a sister is much more than that. A sister is someone who has your back, they understand and care for you. And when there's someone who is being mean, we beat them up together." "That sounds rather intense." "I know because I was just joking." We were both laughing together, "Is a sister also supposed to mean that we share moments, like this?" "Yes, that's exactly what sisters do." I hugged her and whispered in her right ear, "Thank you. I mean we just met, but I already know that we're sisters. Real ones." "No problem" she said out loud. "Now is there anything that you'd like to ask me?" I pulled away from the hug, there actually was something I wanted to ask her. "What does it mean to be comfortable. Everyone keeps saying you decide I want you to be comfortable. I mean does it mean that they want me to feel cozy in a nice warm bed? I just don't understand it" I laughed. "No, it's just supposed to mean that we want you to feel home. At a house you feel safe, warmth, and love. You don't feel awkward or weird." So that's what comfortable meant. "Well let me give you a quick tour." We got up and she gave me a tour. This place was sure big for just four people, now five living here. I felt at peace here, home. I felt like the people here cared about me, I wasn't sure about Parker, but we can get closer as the week goes. I just have a good feeling about this place, like I belong. I felt comfortable.

Message to Readers

I apoligize for not publishing any work, I've been working on this chapter. This chapter may not be as interesting, but as the book goes on it gets juicy! This is a romance book and is going to be part of a series. Have fun reading! Comment below if you enjoyed or things maybe to change or predictions!!! P.S if you give me a shoutout or invite someone to check out this story, comment that and how many times or people and I will do the same for you. We are all writers who should support one another!

Peer Review

I loved the characters the writer has created and the vivid descriptions of the setting throughout the story.

I can’t wait to see how the writer in later chapters in able to show sophie’s struggle to adapt to her new life and how she will overcome it. To deepen an idea, just as I said in the highlights i was a bit confused about the towels.

Reviewer Comments

i can’t wait to continue to read on! for some reason, i usually hate the beginnings of movies and books, but this beginning was very interesting and captured my attention the whole way through. also, i think there may have been some grammar mistakes throughout the piece, but that is not my strongest area lol (i always fail my grammar tests in english, oops) so i left those because i didn’t want to give you the wrong information. please notify me when chapter 2 comes out i can’t wait!