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Mount Disappointment

August 21, 2020


I rack my brain,
Thinking, thinking,
I finally get it,
I finally fit the puzzle piece in;

But instead of a huge rush of joy,
That floods into me and makes me beam with pride,
All the water seeps out my body,
Leaving it a desert of disappointment;

Like climbing a huge mountain,
Only to find an even taller,
An even more treacherous mountain,
Right in front of me;

I let my legs give out,
I imagine thousands of other mountains beyond that one,
Each taller, each more impossible,
Than the last;

And I cannot skip to the last mountain,
Not anymore,
Because the walls have closed in,
Leaving me with one straight path to the finish line;

This path of mountains that I cannot possibly cross,
But then I see something, a helicopter,
And I feel something, a hand on my shoulder,
And I hear something, "It's not over can do it."
I'm trying not to be too dark from now on. And I would just like you to think about this. Who is the hand on your shoulder. What impossible mountains do you have to climb. 


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  • August 21, 2020 - 4:29pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Ibex

    Oh. OHHHH!!!! I love this so much, especially the nice questions you left for us in the footnotes. BEAUTIFUL

    7 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    I liked it:)

    7 months ago