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"Don’t wonder why people go crazy, wonder why they don’t. In the base of all we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what it is that makes us hold it together"
-Meredith Grey

Message to Readers

An idea that kinda popped into my head. I rarely write romantic pieces, much less from the perspective of a male, so this is way out of my comfort zone. I would love feedback on this!

the skipping stones are strewn across the stream and you smile and follow her red hair across it

September 25, 2020


"Are you coming?" She whispers into your ear. You grin at her before following her already moving figure down the hill. Her flowery sundress flows behind her, like there are birds lifting it up. Her long red hair left loose on her shoulders dances around, sticking out in places you never thought would look nice, but it did.

She stops at the bottom of the hill, right before the stream, and she looks back at you with a mischievous smile on her face. You catch up with her and then she rushes along the side of the river until she comes across stray stones in the water.

"I made this with my dad." She looks up at the bright blue sky, "When I was 5. We collected the stones from around the park, and then he went into the water and placed them wherever I told him to. I come back every now and then to make sure they're still intact."

She then goes on to step on the stones, cautious at first, but she soon lost all sense of carefulness, and skipped across the rest of the stream. You smile at yourself and shake your head, before following her once again.

She leads you to a clearing with two swings. She sits on one and then looks back expectantly, and you move to sit on the other swing. She is already swinging high and fast, and you struggle to catch up.

"Have you ever wondered," She started, "Have you ever wondered if the universe is just a barbie play-set for another little girl or boy? That we're all just barbie dolls, being controlled by other people, who decide when we eat, sleep, even when we die?"

You slow down your swing, jump off, then slow her swing down. "Come on." You hold out your hand, "I need to show you something." She takes your hand, and shrieks as you pull her back towards the hill you came from.

You run up the hill, with her now following instead of leading, and run past the table you first met her, all those years ago. You run and run, and run. You can hear her panting now, but you still run. You run until you reach your place. You sit on the edge of the cliff and then look back at her. She walks up to you and sits down next to you. 

"I used to come here with Jill. It's only been us two. Everyone else was too scared to sit here, afraid they would fall to their deaths. And I don't blame them." You stop and look down, "It's a long drop. But," You look down again, "If they would come closer, they would see that there's a ledge in between. A ledge that easily leads to a pathway which goes down the hill." You look down once more, and this time she does too, "To your question, yes, I do think about it. But, if it were true, well I'm happy with whoever is controlling me. They're doing a great job." You smile messily at her, and she shyly smiles back.

"I think..." She starts, "I think whoever's controlling me wanted me to do this." She moves in closer and pecks your lips. She pulls back and looks at you. You tuck her red hair behind her ears and smile at her. "I think they want me to do that too." This time, it's you who closes the gap. 

She pulls away after a minute and rests her head on your shoulder. You rest your head on hers. Together, you watch as the sky goes from light blue to orange, pink and then purple. The stars start to take over where the clouds had been, and soon the whole sky becomes a deep midnight blue.

"I love you Charlie Nate."

"I love you too Nora Lily."

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    You're a great writer!
    replying: sorry for the late response lol but that fictional character really was "no one" specific- maybe some marvel and harry potter characters lol

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