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eritiserint on prose.

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a little prose piece for you. i try to write poetry, but i always come back to this style <3.

title ideas (as always haha) please and i hope you're all doing well!

Swerving out of The Sapien Lane

August 20, 2020



The crickets sing lullabies outside of my window, although they sound a bit frantic, definitely out of time with one another. The focus isn’t really on the sound itself, more so on the energy that comes from nighttime vibrations. Crickets only live for eight to ten weeks, but the law of relativity reasons that they see this time frame as equal to how a human feels about seventy-five years. Then again, it was a human who theorized this, not a cricket. So humans will never really know why summertime crickets are in such a rush to play through their symphonies.

Some places are sacred, like the crook of Zeus’s neck, and the temple of Delphi. With so few perfect plots of land left on Earth, it would be nice to allow space for those that remain. Even Yellowstone is domesticated, its canyons no longer alarmed by touristy footsteps, its bison so domesticated that they pose for photoshoots. As much as I wish to see the world, I would feel better dying with some wonders still undiscovered.

There was a way that things were. I mean, I get it. Things change. We are ever-evolving, our language going from 'going' to 'gonna' to 'finna' and maybe my grandmother isn’t a fan but we adapt and learn to understand it. I accept this natural selection, change that is intuitive and productive at orders higher than our species. I have no issues with technology, as I’d be lying if I did not benefit from better software and bigger screens.

In that sense, I think evolution is humanity’s gift.

I don’t accept the endangerment of creatures who would otherwise continue progressing had we not lusted for fur coats and jewelry. We must have thought that we were divine, placed on this Earth to make use of others, and by doing that, we dug depressions too deep to heal.

Humans will never really know why the crickets sing with fervor, what Mariana’s Trench looks like to her aquatic inhabitants. We are but one puzzle piece in nature, one small speck in the dust of it all. We don’t get an aerial view; we will never know if we have a parallel. For a innumerable reasons, I naively hope we don't.

Some things are sacred, meant to be mysteries.


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  • August 20, 2020 - 3:38pm (Now Viewing)

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  • inanutshell

    i actually really like your title! def caught my attention haha. also i love this style, this balance of science and narration with just the right amount of heart in it. "We must have thought that we were divine, placed on this Earth to make use of others, and by doing that, we dug depressions too deep to heal." that is so true! evolution and creation has its pros & are pretty great, but too often we disrespect the earth/nature that was already here for selfish reasons.

    9 months ago