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By far the longest piece I have written on Write the World.

Fifteen Fairy Tales (One for every year of my not-so-fairy-tale life)

September 11, 2020


I. Snow White
"I wish for a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony." She got her wish, at a cost of course. For she wished for a daughter of beauty, not one of vigor and courage. No, she wished for one that would be prized as a queen, not for one that'll lead a kingdom to peace. And her little girl grew up with the beauty of a thousand smiles, with a stepmother as vain as she was evil. A stepmother who chased out that little girl, asking for her heart of beauty to be served upon a platter. Maybe if her mother had asked for a daughter of incomparable intelligence, undeterred strength, and unparalleled whim, she wouldn't have been caught in the tangles of her stepmother's vanity. No, instead she ended up in the home of seven little dwarfs, men with goofy smiles plastered on their faces, lies that they'll be able to protect her. But that's a lie isn't it? Because men are victims as well. To be protected means to have already given up. After all, isn't that why Snow White ate that apple? For she had already given up on that dream of being her own queen, because now she was reduced to only someone else's prize. And it was fortunate for a prince to come across her casket and decide to kiss her, for she awoken as if death hadn't just grazed her. For once her mother's wish finally paid off, because some prince charming came along to save her, deeming her beauty enough reason to save her dying soul. So Snow White escaped death, only to be faced with something much worse then death itself. 

II. Cinderella
A daughter born of starlight wishes, magical fantasies, and wondrous delights. It would've stayed that way too if tragedy didn't hit like a comet bound for earth. But after all, you need tragedy for a fairy tale to begin. After all, only good people get fairy godmothers. And Cinderella was by all means good, in the case of a housewife. Chores for every second of her life, serving others as if a slave, animals becoming her only friends in her whimsical world, sleeping in drafty attics. All the makings of the ideal housewife. Yes, she was everything a man would've wanted. But who's to say that it was all she ever amounted to? For her stepsisters and mother assumed so as they ordered her around. And she could've escaped, but no, she decided to escape off to the ball. Because a prince is sure to whisk you away from all your problems, saving you from your demise. So Cinderella went off, with the gown and shoes made of fairy godmother magic, a fairy godmother that could've given her so much more then a pretty dress. No, she could've been granted a chance to become more, more then she ever was. But princes are an alluring poison and Cinderella was intoxicated. She twirled around dashingly across the ballroom, a prince spellbound in her gaze. And when the clock struck midnight, her fantasy wore off and she went back to being the housewife she lived to be, when she could've run away. By chance, she lost her glass slipper, a slipper of broken dreams. And from broken dreams came this prince in all his promising lies, and he whisked Cinderella off, just like she dreamed. So Cinderella became a princess, a housewife to royalty instead of one to a family of disheartened memories. But who is to say princes can solve everything? 

III. Hansel and Gretel 
A father's love can only go so far, at least that’s what they like to say. Because that lie feels better than the unsettling truth that bubbles inside them. And that’s probably what the father told himself as he abandoned his two little children in a forest, all for a new wife with all the qualities of beauty. Shame her beauty didn’t reach the parts of her that actually mattered. But Hansel and Gretel weren’t the naive little children their stepmother assumed they were, for they left behind a trail of a bread crumbs. A trail that’d lead them back home, if such a thing even existed. So in the forest their father abandoned them, like the scoundrel he was, and the two siblings went off to follow their trail of crumbs, only to discover it had disappeared. Eaten by the birds above, who careened for a taste something else. And Hansel and Gretel trekked through the forest, blinded by night skies and deafened by the sounds of fear. It was upon their journey that they came across a house made of sweets, sweets of the most wondrous imaginations. Hunger conquers better judgement after all, so in a flash they leapt, abandoning all senses of humanity, as they prowled onto the house. A house that’d fill their empty stomachs and make them forget for a moment of a father who sleeps in a house empty of two children. And just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, a woman, a witch, opened the door to the house and welcomed them in with open arms. A mother they never had, a mother that could treat them in all the ways their father couldn’t. And sure they weren’t naive, but they were also only two abandoned children with nowhere else to go. There’s only so much they could hold onto before it all came crashing down, so they went inside the house. Filled with lavish delicacies and prepped with the finest arrangements, they were perfect little baits. Baits for a witch with a craving for blood, a craving for the sorrows of children. And so the night went on, until the witch could no longer handle the incessant cravings that ravaged her. So up she crept, taking little Hansel along with her, unaware of the wakings of Gretel. And placing Hansel within a cage that bit at his bare skin, the witch prepared for the feast of a lifetime. A feast that’d have the servings of two plump children. And when Hansel awoke, he screamed in all the ways a scared child would, for the mother he never had, for the father that abandoned him, for the world that hurt him. The witch cackled wildly, unaware of little Gretel behind her. Little Gretel that shared the trauma of her brother, that shared the fear that coursed through his very veins; and there’s a special bond that runs between brothers and sisters. A bond that forced Gretel to push the witch into the oven, cooking her alive in all the ways she did to children before. Because it was either her brother or the witch. And it wasn’t really much of a choice for Gretel, because all that was left for her was the brother hanging in a cage. So the two children were saved, thinking that it’d be alright. But that’s not true huh? And deep down Hansel and Gretel knew that.

IV. Sleeping Beauty
Beauty is as relative as envy, but at least one gets you places. No, that’s not true, they both get you places. After all, isn’t that why Sleeping Beauty ended up under a curse? They say it’s because her parents didn’t invite Maleficent to her christening, but that can’t be all there is to it. Envy can be ivy green, leeching into your veins until all that’s left is an expanse of dark dark green. And perhaps that’s what happened when Maleficent stared down at a violet-eyed blonde-haired beauty that caressed the very souls of those around her. So Maleficent smile held back emotions of contempt and jealousy, unleashing them upon the spirit of an infant. And in fear, her parents hid her away, saying that it’s all for her safety, but that’s not true. Because sixteen years is a long time to be hidden away from the world, sixteen years gives you enough time to be prepared, sixteen years can make you strong. But no, her parents decided to cut her off from humanity, because by sixteen years she’ll be safe. She’ll be safe in a forest of animals, with fairies disguised as aunts. Still, reality doesn’t always work the way you want, and that’s what happened when Aurora fell in love with Phillip. Because yeah, sixteen years can cause you to long for something you’ve never experienced, and upon crossing another human being, you’re bound to call it love. But that ephemeral feeling can’t possibly last long enough to be called love. And that’s how amplified Aurora’s feelings were when she discovered the betrayal of her aunts, the fact her unknown parents had sold her off to some strange prince she’d never met, the change of her life because of dark green envy. And she wept rivers of tears as the clocked ticked midnight, turning her sixteen. Dark green envy taking over her as she crept up stone stairs to a spindle that rose from the ashes, and she pricked her finger upon it. Ruby red blood dripping like jewels from her finger as she collapsed upon the ground, and those sixteen years of protection went to waste as Aurora paled upon the ground. Frozen in time Aurora was, saying the only way to lift the curse was from true love’s kiss. But how could someone be in love when they were cut off from humanity for sixteen years? Vines of thorns wrapped around a tower, and people drifted off to sleep under a spell until a princess awoke. And a prince happened upon the thorn filled palace, guarded by a dragon that breathed bright green fire into existence. Like all fairytales, the dragon was slain and Aurora was awakened because meeting someone for the first time accounts for true love. So happily ever after existed for Aurora; her curse lifted, her smile returned, her marriage to her true love, and she was happy. But maybe that’s because her sixteen years of existence was comprised around utter nothingness. And how are you supposed to know what happiness is when you’ve never been truly happy?

V. The Three Little Pigs
Kicked out. Abandoned. With nothing but the clothes on their back. Three pig brothers trekked out, ready to start a life for themselves separate from each other. Brotherhood is forever. If forever means until you get tired of each other. So off the pigs went, one to make a house of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks. Could’ve been an excellent house that can withstand anything if they had worked together. And so they built their houses, content with each turnout, saying that this is the start of their new lives. That is until something bigger than all of them came along, a wolf of gleaming teeth and hunger crazed eyes prowled into their town. A wolf with no restraints. He walked up the path to a straw house, smiling a deceivingly sweet smile. Asking sweetly to come in, the pig was not deceived because a wolf in sheep’s clothing always has a telltale sign. A gust of wind and the house was blown away, chasing the pig along with it. Up the steps he went, to his brother’s house of sticks. Because when it comes down to it, you can’t turn to anyone else except family. And again the wolf trekked up the steps, smiling sugary sweet. But pigs aren’t always the greatest prey and away the house flew, sending the two brothers off to their final brother's house.   With open arms, he welcomed his brothers back, because loneliness is an incurable disease if left unchecked for too long. So the three of them sat in their living room, waiting for the wolf to arrive. And the wolf came, just as predicted, and tried with all his might to blow the brick house down. A house of bricks can’t come down though, just as brothers can never ever forget each other, no matter how hard they try. Defeated, a wolf walked away, but that wouldn’t be his end. After all, wolves only survive off of the lives of others. 

VI. The Gingerbread Man
Sugar, gumdrops, peppermints, a dash of cinnamon, a cup of milk. Ingredients for the perfect cookie. Desserts are meant to be eaten, but gingerbread isn’t always compliant. So up the cookie man went, baked to perfection. And to himself he thought everything would be alright. After all, if humans could live the lives they want, surely it’d be the same for a gingerbread man. Off the little man went, his scent drawing near unwanted attention, sending him down a spiral of demise. Old women and men are supposedly kind. They’ve lived their lives already, so shouldn’t they impart their whimsical knowledge on younger generations? Maybe if the gingerbread man was a boy instead of a cookie, they would’ve imparted their wisdom. But hunger is a driving force no one would’ve expected and up they chased him. His short little legs getting him ever so far until the old woman and man were caught in the dust of endless wanting. A breath of relief can only last for so long, and that was the case when a pig crossed paths with this miraculous little cookie. The pig nipped at him, ready for lunch, because alluring scents speak louder than  common sense itself. Off they ran, until the gingerbread man came across a cow. They say cows are lazy, but that’s only true when delicacies aren’t involved. The pig, full of hunger, chased, ignoring the massive cow looming over them. For when you want something so bad, you’re bound to make it yours. That’s only true when others don’t get involved though. Because the cow gave chase, fighting for the taste of a gingerbread man. And off the little man ran, trying so desperately to stay alive when everything was turned against him. Life isn’t always nice and it wasn’t any nicer to the gingerbread man. Along came a horse, long legs holding up lean muscle. Hunger can drive ones mad, and that’s what the gingerbread man awoke. A carnal instinct of desire and propriety. A crowd had gathered, a posse if you will, around this little gingerbread man, ready to devour him in an instant. And this little man knew death was near, for he sprinted in resignation, ready to dissolve into whence he came. That is until a figure of glory, salvation arrived. A fox of cunningness, wrapped in a shawl of utter betrayal lurked nearby. And when the gingerbread, naivety circling him like vultures to prey, approached the fox beckoned him closer. Saying that he would save him from his dreary faith. Desperation is an incurable disease and the gingerbread man was too far gone. He was too blind to notice the glint in the fox’s eye, the saliva dripping from the corner of the fox’s mouth. And when water surrounded him on all sides as he balanced on his savior’s snout, he called himself saved. But betrayal is a sickness that can’t be avoided, and the gingerbread fell down the esophagus, digestion settling in quick. Gone was the gingerbread man. For no one saves someone without wanting anything in return. 

VII. The Little Mermaid
Satisfaction is an unquenchable thirst. And Ariel’s thirst was beyond help. A various world stretched beyond her dreams of a world underwater. Longing sought her like a disease, casting her in like a fish caught in a net. Her mermaid tailed glistened sea foam green and it swam with such desire. But nothing is ever good enough for human beings and mermaids alike, because Ariel wished for a pair of legs. Legs that stretched long and would take her across the human world. Like all things, desire can be bought at the cost of something valuable. Ariel should’ve known better, should’ve been happy with her family around her, but of course a boy came along. A prince of tanned skin and black locks danced across a ship. And desire never shone brighter than it did within Ariel. So she traded a part of herself to the sea witch for a pair of legs. Her beautiful melodic voice that intoxicated prince Eric for a pair floppy legs. And Ariel was too happy to be in the care of Eric to worry about the lost of her voice. Princes are a recipe for happiness after all. She was decorated in all the jewels of humans, becoming a prize amongst them. Sure, she might’ve been happy, but happiness isn’t always that simple. Along came another pretty face, dark haired beauty with fine features. Sure, she might’ve enchanted him with a spell, but that wasn’t all there was to it. A pretty face gets you places, and this dark haired beauty was sure going places. A sea witch in disguise, the two were to get married. It’s a funny thing really, because Ariel so desperately wanted legs and now she wanted her mermaid tail back ever so badly. And back it came, a trade of her father's life for her own safety. A father's love can go so far and hers saved her. But instead she rushed off to her prince, her human. Devotion can be deadly sometimes and Ariel’s devotion was by far the deadliest. But off she saved her prince and he was set free. Yet she longed from a distance, her father free but her heart ached. And yet again her father’s love saved her, granting her the wish of legs so she can be with Prince Eric. Happy as she may be, did Ariel ever get what she longed for? She wanted a life amongst the humans, but who’s to say that marrying a prince was her happy ever after?

VIII. Little Red Riding Hood
Cloaked in red, the shade of blood, a little girl skipped merrily to her grandmother’s house. Because young girls are always safe from the dangers of humanity, especially if they go through the forest alone. So off this girl went, to deliver her grandmother some goods. Parents say to never talk to strangers, but what about wolves? Red riding hood was a target amongst the green expanse of trees. Flowers are enticing and especially so to little girls with sick grandmothers. A wolf sidled by, asking faint questions of Red Riding Hood, and she answered compliant. Naivety is a curse of children, and Red Riding Hood was not immune. Flowers picked, she skipped off to her grandmother’s house, already excited to go. And when she approached, the door open, the lights off, her grandmother looking strange, she should’ve been alarmed. No, it wasn’t until she questioned the ears, the teeth, the claws that she realized that it was a wolf in disguise. By then it was too late, and Red Riding Hood was eaten alive just like her grandmother. They say a huntsman came along and saved the two, but that’s not always true huh? Because heroes don’t just idly wait by and save you from demise. No, you save yourself. And Red Riding Hood was already too far gone to save either her grandmother or herself. So yeah, say a huntsman came along, but Red Riding Hood and her grandmother were already reduced to oblivion. 

IX. Goldilocks
The world bows down to you when you’re blonde, blue eyed, and fair skinned. Goldilocks smiled wanly, approaching a house that wasn’t her own. And you would think her parents taught her not to enter strangers’ houses. But Goldilocks broke into the house, a thief shielded by privilege. Three bowls of porridge sat upon the table, piping hot and ready for consumption. And hunger being a driving force, Goldilocks are each bowl. One being too hot, one too cold, and one just right. So, like the girl she was, she devoured the porridge as if it belonged to her. And hunger fulfilled, she went off to relax, unwinding upon a home that wasn’t her own. Chairs laid out invitingly, three in a room. And again she tried each and every one. One too big, too soft, and one just right again. Taking advantage of the situation, she enjoyed herself to the extent where she began to feel as if it were her home. An empty house, cozy chairs, and warm beds laid out sparingly, as if ready for her. She took it as an invite, using that as an excuse for herself to use the stuff. Exhaustion settled over the aching bones of Goldilocks, and she crept upstairs, lying on each of the three beds. Again she said one was too hard, one was too soft, and one was just right. Taking everything from this family of bears, she said that this was all for her. And it was okay for her to do it she told herself. Like all homes, the family came back. But this time their house was in rags, their food eaten, their chairs broken, and someone sleeping in their beds. And off they chased her and her privilege. For their house didn’t equate to hers. Call Goldilocks a victim if you will, but one thing's for sure, she was a thief wearing a girl's smile.

X. Beauty and the Beast
Girls are always expected to find a man to share their life with. Passing a certain age makes you tainted, pass your value. But not every girl needs a man, and Belle was content with where she was at. She had dreams beyond marriage and children, dreams tied to books and caring for her father. But a girl is only a girl for so long before a beast comes lurking nearby. Gaston, the brute, assumed marriage was the only thing that women sought, and by all means, Belle was a woman to his ravenous eyes. Sweeping near, he prowled with salivating features, waiting for his prey to fall into his trap like all the others did. Fooled were the girls for his muscular arms and charming features, fooled were the men for the girls clinging to him and the game hanging on his walls. Sure, he could've gotten anyone, if anyone meant Belle. For she was not fooled by the front he put up. And he was not happy with her not kissing his feet. So he stewed in his irritation, waiting for his moment to strike, like all predators do. Belle went about her days until the day her father didn't come back from an invention convention, the moment her life struck a wrong cord. Though, wrong cords can always be righted. Belle dashed to a castle of cobwebs and dust, sneaking in to free her father, only to come face to face with a beast too hideous to be seen as game. An exchange of lives, Belle as the heroine she was, was reduced to a prisoner in shackled. Her father freed, she lied on cold concrete, forever trapped in the chains she put upon her wrists. Magic doesn't exist, you only get by with cold heart facts, at least that's what they tell you. And that would've been true with Belle if magical objects didn't save her from her spiral of demise. They dolled her up, housing her in a house of all the things people ever want. But not all prisons are dark and musty, and Belle's prison was definitely the most luxurious in all the land. A girl's heart can be swooned in the most unexpected ways and Belle's most certainly was. A heart of gold she had as her and her beast fell in love. A love stronger than her father's, but still not strong enough. A curse could've been broken, but freedom was ensued instead. Belle left, not looking back as she went to save her father, leaving a trail of a broken heart behind. Heartbreaker she was, but her father needed her. And it was then that Gaston pounced, the predator he was. Pouncing upon Belle and the love she had grown fond of with the beast. A crew gathered, ready to take the beast down. But how can you take someone down if they have already fallen? The beast awaited his demise, his heart shattered beyond ends as he sat near his prized rose. And Gaston arrived, just like predators do, ready to kill a beast already shattered beyond repair. But not all princes are men, and Belle rescued the shattered beast, a heroine to save him. And it seems happy endings exist as Belle lifted a curse placed upon the beast, the two living their life of happiness. And perhaps it was then that the bookish girl who dreamed of careers was turned into a woman, dreams of marriage and children replacing the ones she once held dear.

XI. Pinocchio
"I want to be a real boy." You wish for the things you don't have, never appreciating the things you do. Pinocchio, a boy made of wood, watched as the wood of his skin could never fill the hole in his father's heart. Gepetto claimed happiness was his when his son came to life, but sometimes parents aren't as good at hiding emotions as they think. So Pinocchio wished to be a real boy, to make his father happy, or as happy as he think he can be. And it seemed his wish would be granted as the fairy with turquoise hair came to visit him one night, telling him that he'd become a real boy if he could prove he was selfless and kind. For you see, mischief catches fire like a disease and Pinocchio was caught. His nose grew, an inch per lie, for all the things other children liked to hide behind lies for. But all children are not lost, and Pinocchio had a guide, his guide, a talking cricket. Separated from his father he was, and he tried desperately to be reunited as his father did the same. Tragedies ensued, a puppet with a boy's spirit sped off in the night, failing time and time again the requests of the fairy with the turquoise hair. A conscience is a guide, but that doesn't mean you always listen, and Pinocchio sure didn't. His father searched for him all the same, hoping that he would be somewhere near, somewhere safe. They say adventures aren't always about the destination, but the journey. And you could say that was true, because in this adventure Pinocchio discovered things about himself he had never thought of before. Pinocchio discovered what it was like to be selfless. A dream come true it was as he reunited with his father. Pinocchio had finally fulfilled his wish, for a real boy he became. A boy with bones and flesh and pure red blood flooding through his veins. Call it a gift, for that's what Pinocchio wanted, but was it what he really needed? After all, some wishes are better off ungranted. 

XII. Jack and the Beanstalk
Rich people say the poor are a well deserved punishment, saying that they should just work. But how long can you work getting paid 2 cents an hour until you can finally support your family? You can't and Jack's family knew that. Sell the cow they decided, thinking that'd it at least bring in some income for the time being. And they tasked Jack to do so. Into town he went, the appeal of magic catching his eye. And for a three magic beans, he traded away the cow, the only thing of value his family could give away. Thinking it was a good deal, he came home to sheer devastation as his mother gaped at him. Throwing the beans out of the window, she wept, anxiety already plucking her thin hairs as she thought of a way to get her hands on some money by the week's end. During the night, Jack beat himself up over the wicked trade he had made. But by morning's dawn, a great green beanstalk stood outside his house, stretching to the clouds above. Curiosity killed the cat, and Jack was definitely the cat here. Up the beanstalk he climbed, wondering what sat above the clouds. There he found a house that stood taller than him, a house to a giant who hated humans with all he had. In the house, Jack found all the answers to the anxiety gnawing at his mother, deteriorating her. A goose that laid golden eggs, the perfect solution. And suddenly Jack felt all his worries melt away as he picked up the goose and headed down the beanstalk. "Fee, fie, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!" a voice rang throughout the house, rattling Jack from where he stood. A giant, stretching sky scrapers taller than Jack, eyed him, telling him to leave. When you've got nothing left to lose, you pick up a few tricks, and Jack certainly did. A giant may be huge in size, but that doesn't necessarily mean the same in wit. Fleeing, Jack carried the goose with him, sliding down the beanstalk with grace. Almost as if flying, he felt the air whip his face, kissing him gentle kisses. Above, the giant chased, hoping for his prized goose to be returned. Reaching his home, Jack immediately got to work chopping down the beanstalk. Perspiration gathered as he worked hard to drive the metal axe through the stalk. And as if magic was working in his favor, the beanstalk fell with a crash, the giant falling with it. Jack breathed a sigh of relief, and it was like everything was finally working for him and his family. With a goose that laid golden eggs, they prospered, living that life of luxury they could once only dream about. But at what cost did this luxury come? The death of a giant, a mortal being who was just living like everyone else before he was robbed and killed? The selling of Jack's humanity as he became all the things he dreamed of? And it was like Jack had become the rich people who looked down upon the poor. You could say the poor are a well deserved punishment, but the rich are like a deadly disease eating them from the inside out. 

XIII. Peter Pan
Say his name and you'll be breathless. A single drop of a sound in midnight air. The boy who never grew up, taking children who grow up too fast along with him. His shadow hated him in that sibling sort of way, running away as fast as he could. Away he hid in a room shared by siblings, siblings who had imagination seeped out of them. And like the way siblings always do, Peter Pan caught up with his shadow, meeting the Darling children. Wendy, Michael, and George were their names, acting quite older than they were. Pity has a way to getting to you in ways you don't want it to. Peter Pan whisked them away to Neverland, where their childhood dreams could forever be played out in motion, where they could fly above the clouds and taste the sugary stars above. A puff of pixie dust and they were flying, shooting through the London night sky like shooting stars. Accompanied by a pixie, Tinkerbell her name was, they made their way to the land of Neverland, endless wishes awaiting them. In they came, attacked by the nemesis in red, Captain Hook. Darlings captive, Hook and Pan battle, a squabble between two kids in men's bodies. Away they were off again, leaving Peter behind. Pixies are supposed to be nice, is what they say, but Tinkerbell was ivy green with jealously and so she left the Darlings behind. Lost they were, the fears of adulthood crept up behind Wendy like rainfall on a sunny day. And maybe that was why bullets were being shot at her, to scare away the fears of adulthood. The Wendy bird the Lost Boys proclaimed as she swept in and assumed the role of a mother. After all, boys are only boys for so long. And, dashing as he is, Peter came back, only to take the Lost Boys with him to save the princess Tiger Lily. Heroes always persist, and Peter Pan was a hero. Saving the princess, she welcomed him to her tribe. And it seemed like that was to be the happy ending of the Darlings and Peter Pan. But one can only be happy for so long with all they desire. Wendy knew that, and so, taking the Lost Boys and her brothers, off they went back home. Gliding across the London night sky to their mother who cried tears of heartbreak. Fearing the worst, Peter Pan flew ahead, trying to prevent the inevitable. You can only run from reality for so long before those around you start to get tired. And with all his might, Peter Pan tried to lock up the window, making it look like the Darlings' mother forgot about them. But children aren't heartless and Peter Pan threw the window wide open, letting that piece of adulthood enter within him. Returned home they went, safe and sound and loved. The Darlings and the Lost Boys becoming a family that was bound for reality. All while Peter Pan flew about, afraid to be caught and turned a man. But it's lonely never growing up as your friends slowly start to fade away and a part of you fades away as well. And that's probably why childhood is best lived once, a moment to cherish in the ephemeral bliss of life. 

XIV. Aladdin 
Not all princesses are meant to be protected, and Jasmine sure didn't need protection. And if you pamper someone too much, they are bound to be stifled. So off she crept, away from the gilded cage her father put her in and into the cities that her father ruled. Cities that she had never set foot in before. And there is where she captured the heart of a thief. Polar opposites they were, but that doesn't mean the attraction disappears. You can only know so much about the outside world when you are protected too much, and that is probably what brought Jasmine to trouble. And you see, the only person who'd be able to help is a man, because a damsel is always in distress. So Aladdin swept in, all gait and mischievous smirks. And off they dashed through the streets, avoiding the bandits that threatened to tear them apart. Good times they had, feeling as if the other filled a hole deep inside of them. But good times only last for so long until reality catches up to you. And that it did as Jasmine fled back to her gilded cage. It was then a thought occurred to Aladdin, that he wanted to be with Jasmine. Perhaps that is why he decided to venture to a cave that could kill him, to steal a lamp that held a genie capable of granting him all the wishes in the world. So with his monkey Abu, they went, taking the lamp and getting trapped in walls of sand. Awakened, the genie came, blue smoke in diamond sheened smiles. Taking them away with a magic carpet, they flew away. Greed is a terrible thing when you can have absolutely anything at your fingertips. Luckily, the only thing on Aladdin's mind was marrying Jasmine. So off he became a prince, coming into town and shooting arrows in girls' hearts. But Jasmine was not wooed, for she preferred the charismatic street thief than the cocky prince standing in front of her. So she turned her back on him, but hearts can only stay frozen for so long until they begin to melt. Up in the skies above, Aladdin took Jasmine on a ride to see the world, because power can go to your head sometimes. But we can't look over a driving force here, Jafar had rivers of dark black greed flowing through his veins. And off he cut up the fantasy Aladdin had carefully woven. Reducing Jasmine to nothing more than a sliver of her former self, stripping Aladdin of his glory, chaining the genie to shackles to tight to free himself from, he became the powerful overlord he always dreamed of becoming. And away went his humanity as he drowned in his greed. Too bad that greed is what led him to his demise, as he chained himself to an unbreakable force where he could wallow in the pits of his despair for all of eternity. Magic can only last for so long, and Aladdin used his last wish to free the genie from his curse, saving him in ways never imagined. And all wishes come true in fairy tales, so Aladdin and Jasmine were married. But greed already got to Aladdin's head once, what's to say it didn't happen again? After all, being married to a princess comes with the title of royalty. What's to say Aladdin didn't turn to the ways of Jafar?

XV. Alice in Wonderland
Falling falling falling down the rabbit hole Alice went. Disappearing from the reality that chased her in frilly dresses and cursive writing. The young girl went, tumbling down into a world of her wildest dreams. And off she chased the white rabbit, who hopped around with time dictating his every move. She followed closely behind, losing him before her fingertips could graze the red of his coat. Life is funny when you're a girl trapped in wonderland. And that's probably why stress piled upon Alice until all she could do was cry under the pressure. Shrinking from the taste of a cookie, she fell into a vial, a vial that held the empty contents of a drink that could make her grow again. Swept away she was as she witnessed other unbeknownst things. Animals aren't supposed to talk, but then again fish aren't meant to be able to walk. It was as if the world was reversed and Alice was excited about it more than she was afraid. For childlike wonder is a thing of beauty at times. On an adventure she went, meeting a Cheshire cat and other things she couldn't possibly fathom. They say children are innocent, but not all innocence comes from children. And that wasn't the case for Alice as she was placed on jury, accused by the Queen of Hearts. Women can be powerful and fearful, and the Queen of Hearts sure was. Her scepter in hand, she was ready for Alice to be announced guilty. But fantasies are realities' tears and it tore apart the dreams to nothing more than dust and Alice ran. Running she went, past all the adventures she had, past all the fading memories she had made. And it was like she fell into a pit of nothing but darkness as her child like wonder slipped through her grasp like sand through fingertips. Gone were the talking animals, the white roses painted red, the tea parties hosted as if that's all there was, the freedom from adulthood. Returned Alice was, back to the reality that was seven years old and counting. You can run for all you like, but reality has a way of catching up with you. And Alice had been caught, convinced her wonderland was all but a mere fantasy she concocted in her dreamscape. But who's to say what's real and what's not? Child like wonder is an intoxicating liquor, and Alice had a sip. Shame her drunken state didn't last long enough for her to forget the world in all it's angst and sorrow. 

The End.
Inspired by Dmoral's piece, sixteen tragedies (one for every year of life) and fatpanda's piece how's this for a fairy tale? Go check them out, the writing is just stunning.

Guess who turned fifteen. As a decree, we're starting this year by tearing apart fairy tales. 


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