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if i'm writing you a letter

By: erin!


I am always hesitant to start with a word like Dear, because I think it means too much to be thrown around.

Dear is warm and lustrous, a shiny badge of honor that envelopes the soul.

How can I say it? If I started every email I wrote with Dear, my actions would make me a liar. You are not dear to me, I think about you rarely. It may be foolish or naive, but there are some things in my life that I would like to save.

Dear is emotional nearness in spite of physical distance. It is when eyes meet from opposite sides of the room, and you understand, without a single word being said.

Maybe centuries ago, when ink was a luxury and quills dominated the market for stationary, we used Dear, because we wrote letters to people who deserved the title. Today, when I slap it onto a note, using no more than a second of energy, I feel dishonest.

Dear is for those who have earned the trust the word implies. Dear is intimate and delicate, prone to breaking from overuse.

Message to Readers

A short penny for your thoughts! I love thinking about words ;)

Any feedback would be great, or you can just tell me how you're doing today.

Peer Review

It's a vibrant piece. I never really thought about the word Dear so deeply and ever since I read this piece I've begun to question the letters I write. The repetition of the word Dear adds a very classic touch which a generally a poem renders. It's insightful, it's meaningful and I really love your writing style, which I see is a little mysterious yet the gist is hidden somewhat in plain sight.

I believe in secure messages being imparted in a few words, and you did just that. Your title leads into the story, so maybe write a little about for whom the word Dear is worth. Or at a minimal level, what type of person deserves it? I crave to know a more positive side to the gist, but people and even you may differ—just a minimal touch. Your piece otherwise is perfect. Also, 'dominated the stationery market' could replace 'dominated the market for stationery.'

Reviewer Comments

Let me know if this review is worth writing back with a thank you 'dear'! :) Have a great day!