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This sort of corresponds to my poem "Sardis", since it takes its inspiration from the same section of the Bible: the letters to the seven churches, which in a way represent all churches; their seven struggles correspond to ours.


August 19, 2020



would that you were hot or cold
not this twisted bathtub of lukewarm
souls worshipers of zeus
creatures of idolatry
writhing in your own filth and poverty
is this the idol you love so dearly
that you cannot give up even now?
do you abandon your savior for him?
what can his lightning and thunder
do when none can stand against
the power of the coming King
how you have failed
there is nothing faithful and true
in you not in your crooked words
that drip from your honeyed lips
lukewarm lukewarm lukewarm
in your wealth you have become
poor blind pitiful wretched naked
buy gold refined by fire be rich
white garments and salve to see
he stands at the door and knocks
lukewarm lukewarm lukewarm
woe to you laodicea
you are neither hot nor cold
thus the King will spit you out of
his mouth leave you among the rest
you love zeus? see what he can do
for you when the world crumbles
and the sky tears itself to pieces
Take a look at Revelation 3:14-22


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1 Comment
  • CursiveLove

    I could really feel like the things in this. It was weird like i felt hot then cold!

    7 months ago