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a seven step guide to saying goodbye

September 21, 2020


  1. smile. part your bloody lips to reveal pearl teeth and smile. smile like the world depends on it, for if you don’t things will crumble. smile even though your cheeks hurt and your eyes sting. happiness is a game we all lose but continue to play, so take your place in the illusion and smile.
  2. unclench your jaw. hold back secrets with your tongue, the time to share has passed. let not your open mouth betray you, so fill the gaps with echoing silence.
  3. pretend. pretend everything is fine. pretend you will not miss them or worse, pretend you will. pretend your fingers aren’t shaking on the doorknob. look them in the eyes and fake your way to safety.
  4. lie. tell them things you do not mean and hear them repeated back to you. in this final minute you share, what end does truth serve? none. so whisper your lies to a dying god, trading your honesty for hollow comfort.
  5. hand them a fragile, shaking goodbye. ignore the taste of it on your tongue, it will be gone soon anyway.
  6. let them go. untie your anchor; watch the horizon with their silhouette painted against it. cover memories with long sleeves and forgetfulness.
  7. smile. smile because there is nothing else you can do. hide your burning eyes and flaming heart, lest the stars grow jealous of your light.
guess which local disaster forgot about their account and all related information?
haha you'll never know huh it definitely wasn't me


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  • em wilder

    Woah... this is such a creative idea and I love the way you write! also, it's totally relatable.

    5 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace (hiatus) :)

    This is awesome! I love the list format! :)

    7 months ago