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Writer, poet, musician, wanna-be-botanist.
Sleep deprived.
Call me a monster, I put milk in before the cereal.
I'm probably eating ramen right now or having a mental breakdown.
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Review if you want, this piece is really random.


August 17, 2020


If you swim for too long, you'll drown
If you run for too long, you'll trip
If you fly for too long, you'll fall
If you live for too long, you'll die

If everything dies at some point, 
    what's the point of living? 
If everything living must be living, 
    why must they be living? 

Is to live to feel pain?
Is to live to feel happy? 
Is to live to give love? 
Is to live to give life? 

What's the point of living? 
Why must the living be living? 
I"ll decide for myself
You'll decide for yourself. 
I have no idea what I was writing, this was sprawled out randomly late at night. 


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