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August 17, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

What do you do when it all makes sense?
What questions will you have left to ask?
In my defense the world's pretense
Is simply too much to grasp.

What ground do we stand on, really?
Relying solely on statements alone.
On books of printed paper,
Which words were formed from flesh and bones.

And who are we to say aliens don't live and breathe?
We're land dwellers through and through.
No man or woman can say we're alone,
Unless their ego is through the roof.

The octopus has nine minds and three hearts
blue blood and no issues with limbs severed
The ocean is too deep to see with eyes clear
And heat too little or too much to bear.

What happened at the start of life?
The source is surely something great.
What will be the end of it?
Will we call it fate?

Do we fight for love to love those true?
Or do we fight to stand our ground?
Do we throw our fists or scream our words
To please our own ears with the sound?

When we speak of animal behaviour,
Are we ever truly right?
Despite the study and statistics,
It's more or less just the assumption of trite.

Maybe each time it's different,
Maybe each nano second of a howl means something else?
Maybe the fish stop every minute,
And pause like morse code for fins, but who knows?

We'll never truly understand the world,
We dont even understand ourselves.
Though life is but a good deal of guessing
It's still quite the story to tell.


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