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August 16, 2020


There's a chronic disease going around, which will not only spread around families, but people around one with the disease. It turns people into monsters. Once this person is corrupted by the disease, it's like a swarm of darkness infiltrates them, and they're like a flower that quickly withers. They'd act like wounded animals unable to heal, who would grind their wounds on a tree's bark in an attempt to relief the pain, causing more instead. 
The cause of the disease: a lack of love. 
I'm trying to highlight that monsters aren't born, but made. If one picked a random murderer and looked into their history, there is almost always some form of child abuse or bullying that happened to them that caused them to think in twisted ways. It's like a disease that passes from one person to another, when one is often mistreated or lack being loved, they tend to hurt others, which causes this chain to continue on. 


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