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"The ones who stay within the lines don't make change" - Stephenie Porter

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I am an artist at heart! I love creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, singing/songwriting, culinary arts, and so much more! I'm a sucker for God, I aspire to lead, and I hope to encourage hundreds (and maybe more;) ) with my writing.

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August 16, 2020


Izzy-El, I’d call her. I would hear echoes of my aunties names as I bounced off the walls from endless sugar rushes. One day I tried to be cool and call her by her name like Mimi, Papa, and the rest of my aunties and uncles did. This wasn’t the best choice and later on, I found out that I would never call her by her name again, and that I was pronouncing it all wrong to begin with. This made me disappointed in my efforts to be older than I truly was, but I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. 

Aunty Izzy was different. She always seemed to constantly move in different directions. Doing so much at one time. Sorta like my grandma. I remember the days when I’d visit them in Ohio. I’d wake up all by myself some days, and those were the best days. I’d wake up, and crawl endlessly around the toys and clothes scattered across Tt’s room in hopes to make it out the door without producing any sound. I knew that once I hit the door I was free of the confinements of sleep. 
I’d walk slowly down the steps looking for the familiar face that coated the room with excitement. Auntie Izzy was always the first one to wake up at Mimi and Papa’s house, and I was lucky if I got up before everyone too. She’d look up at me and just smile. No words, no sudden movements; just a smile. And I knew that we’d have a blast. For two hours, the house was ours, and Auntie Izzy always had a new adventure every day. Some days we’d cook breakfast together, some days we’d watch random girly cartoons, and other days we’d just sit and talk about life and homework. I treasure the moments I have with my aunties, and Auntie Izzy will always give me the satisfaction of being the special one, even if just for a few hours at a time.
A vignette from an upcoming book


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