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"The ones who stay within the lines don't make change" - Stephenie Porter

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I am an artist at heart! I love creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, singing/songwriting, culinary arts, and so much more! I'm a sucker for God, I aspire to lead, and I hope to encourage hundreds (and maybe more;) ) with my writing.

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August 16, 2020


At the start of every day, a little girl wakes up in her bed with the same name. She could be angry Aaliyah, sad Aaliyah, happy Aaliyah, disappointed Aaliyah, or frustrated Aaliyah. The possibilities are endless. She can wake up with a certain feeling, a certain emotion, a certain goal to tackle for the day, but it all starts with that one name. She could go through the day wondering how she got there if she’ll ever make it here when she’ll succeed next. But all of those thoughts and feelings and emotions started the very first day she was born. November 5th, 2018, in a tiny little hospital, Phoenix Arizona. Nothing but 6 pounds of cuteness and attitude. She was the total package. But she didn’t know what life she had ahead of her. She didn’t know the things she’d face as the years went on. She didn’t know that one name could carry the world. 

Aaliyah Sophia Garibo, That’s my name. But my aunties call me Leah. It’s a cute name and I’ve always dreamed of having a nickname, and mine suits me. It means “going up or ascending”. It’s Hebrew, and to some, beautiful. I never really asked my momma why she named me that, but I’m sure it was with good reason. I love the “ascending” part. It's prophecy that I’ll rise up and be great one day. Ever since I was a little girl, people would tell me to go for greatness, and that’s what I did. I’ve been successful all my life and I’ve got God to thank for it. I’d never imagined that one name can carry so much weight. So much pain. So much happiness. So much confusion. All for one name. One thought. Three syllables. All for Aaliyah.
A vignette from an upcoming book


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