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August 16, 2020


Fireworks are beautiful at ignition. The bright array of colors shooting across the sky, united, but also not quite. They burst at free will leaving their willing spectators marveled at their sheer beauty. However, the show is soon over. The fireworks that once lit up the night sky dispersed and returned to the ground as dust. Isn't that what we all came from? My love was compared to fireworks. Here for the splendor, but gone for eternity. You think of the bright lights and how you could stare wide-eyed at its dispersal. No, you couldn't have stopped it. You wish you did. You wish the fireworks stayed forever. But life wouldn't let it. No. Life is cruel, not in the sense that it doesn’t give you fireworks, but because it takes it away. That very pain is worse than not seeing it at all. Staring back at the night sky, sometimes I can't help but wonder if it existed at all.


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