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My world

August 15, 2020


Because who really knows you? Beneath the layers you lay, beneath the facade you keep. Who knows deep down inside your heart? Your very desire? And what if the one you loved walked right out? Would that be the end of the world? Because he was my world. He left. I'm torn. Do I leave, hold on, or try to get him back.. He is my world and I love him but its hurting me so badly. He's calling other girls, and tells me he has no internet. I hurt in silence, until you called it off. I want to fix it and you say its over. I try and I hope you see because baby, there was never someone who I looked to as my world, until I saw my world crash in front of me. Never did I know the world ending hurt this bad. People talk of our breakup as if they know what happened. Do they? No.. It's ironic, even I don't.


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