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By: SamWiseGamjee

She embraced me when I was born,
He held my tiny fingers and stroked my head,
The smile on their lips,
Their soft touch,
I still feel it.

My mother whispered something in my ears.
‘Hey, we’re in this together’
‘We’re there for you, always’ , they said.

Time passed,
I uttered my first word,
I took my first step,
I was running,
I fell down,
I got up,
And ran again.
My father bought me a bat and a ball,
I remember getting my first doll.
I remember that stir in my heart,
Something was growing there.
I remember myself crying when someone teased me.
I remember her kissing my forehead and telling me ‘You’re a queen’.
There was a stir again.
I remember losing,
I remember crying for hours,
I remember him wiping my tears and telling me ‘You’re a champion’.
There was a stir again.
I remember not being able to recite that poetry in my class,
I remember those warm hugs,
I remember them telling me ‘You can do this girl’.
There was a stir again.
I know now,
They planted confidence in me,
I know now,
They were nurturing the tree.

There will be seasons in my life,
Tough summers,
Autumn falls,
And freezing winters.

But I’ll stand firmly on the ground,
I’ll be strong,
I’ll bear fruits,
And blooming flowers.
As I remember them telling me ,
‘All the tough seasons will pass,
And there will be saison de printems’. 

Message to Readers

Do tell me how you feel after reading this:-)

Peer Review

The metaphor "nurturing the tree" stood out to me, because that is a great way to explain parenting, as growing something and making it stronger.

Tree grow, similarly to children, and must be nurtured for the first few years in their lives. I love how this is comparable to that.

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