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I tried keeping punctuation (especially full stops) to a minimum. Let me know what you think.

The First Mornings of Spring

August 19, 2020


She was like spring, not the flowers or the birdsong, but the mornings, yes, the first mornings of spring, when winter's chill had not yet fallen away and the sky was a golden grey, when the hum of the city was silenced by the still air and the street lamps had not yet flickered out, yes, those early mornings when the heavens began to glow and the birds took a deep, collective breath, preparing to serenade the sun, yes, that is how she was, still, pale, silent and yet beautiful. She was encircled by the ones who loved her most, Eden with laugher like a summery stream and Danni with hair like the rustling leaves of autumn, Robert with hands like winter's frosted twigs and me, with the gentle movements of a spring breeze, a breeze that hadn't yet awoken on those first mornings. Seasons would change, the world would change, we would change, but she would not; she would forever be the first mornings of spring a few days away from colour and light.  


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  • Starlitskies

    "the birds took a deep, collective breath, preparing to serenade the sun", - this is like the most beautiful sentence ever. So poetic. And the minimum punctuation thing worked out well for you; it flows gracefully.

    11 months ago