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Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be publishing chapter 1. of my HG fan fiction! Sorry if there are any grammatical errors. Let me know what you think!

Escape from District 12; Chapter 1.

August 16, 2020


     This is Chapter 1 of my Hunger Games fan fiction book. This is based off the characters and settings in The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. This book starts at the time of Catching Fire, after Gale has recovered from his whipping but before the secret twist of the Quarter Quell has been announced. This is first-person from Katniss’ perspective. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, you can comment and I’ll do my best to reply!

   Chapter 1. 

      I stare unblinkingly into the crowd of kids, all dressed in crisp, clean outfits, the best they have. In mere seconds, I will find out which girl I’m supposed to mentor in the upcoming Games. Which underfed, innocent, helpless child I get to prepare for her death. I’m breathing heavily, waiting as Effie daintily reaches into the big glass ball and plucks out the little slip of paper. She reads the name in a cheerful voice and I go rigid. “Primrose Everdeen.” 
     I wake up, barely muffling a scream into my pillow. I’m sweating and for a moment, I forget where I am and think maybe I’m on the train heading to the Capital for the Victory Tour, but no. No, I’m here, in my house, in Victor’s Village with my mother and Prim, and it’s not time for the reaping. I’m safe.
    Well, not safe. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be safe here again, not with President Snow out to get me. He’s already threatened my family. And Gale. He’s threatened everyone and everything that I care about, and I know if I step out of line, he won’t hesitate to get rid of me. Honestly, he could be planning my death, and the death of my family, right now. And that’s how I know that my plan to leave isn’t wrong. I can’t stay here. I have to leave the district.
      I get slowly out of bed and make my way to my bathroom. It’s a big, open room with a cold tiled floor that chills my bare feet as I walk tiredly over to the sink. Looking in the mirror, my reflection stares back at me. The same dark hair and grey Seam eyes. Well, not quite the same eyes. The color is the same as it’s always been, but now my eyes hold a deep, ever-present fear. I’m constantly afraid, afraid of Snow making good of his threats. I’m not afraid for myself, but for Prim, my mother, Gale, and his family. And then there’s Haymitch and Peeta to think of too. Because of me, they’re all in danger. What would Prim do if I just left and ran away into the woods? No, that would destroy her. I couldn’t do that. And the others too. None of them would want me to leave without telling them.
    But I already asked Gale, and he wanted to stay and try to start an uprising. To start an uprising against the Capital, against Snow and all his inhumane methods of keeping control over us. If only it were that easy. Gale doesn’t understand that an uprising will only bring more trouble. And to make matters worse, I only encouraged his plans by agreeing to help him. And I even heard from those two women I met in the woods, Bonnie and Twill, that District 13 might still exist. They might have a whole underground civilization, hidden and fortified. But I’ve since decided that can’t be true. If it was, we would have heard from them. They wouldn’t have just abandoned the other districts. And also, when I agreed to help Gale, that was before I started having nightmares about the reaping for the next Hunger Games. About the poor girl that I’ll be sending to her doom. That’s when I realized that I can’t stay in District 12. And we can’t start a successful uprising either.
     A couple months ago maybe. But the new Head Peacekeeper Thread would destroy the entire population of 12 before he’d even let a  group big enough to do anything gather in the square. It was stupid to think that we could rebel against Snow, or even Thread. I understand now that all it would do is cause more suffering for the people in the district. So, I’m going to attempt to escape.
     It’s hard to brush your hair while you’re simultaneously biting your fingernails. Not to mention that my hands are quivering. I haven’t told my mother and Prim yet, but I know they won’t say no to me. But what about the others? How will I convince Gale and Peeta, and maybe even Haymitch, to go with me?  And how will we get out of the fence now that it’s constantly  electrified? This second question I can figure out later; first and foremost, I have to get the others to agree to my plan. Because, I’ve made up my mind. I stayed up late last night, trying to think of a solution to my problems. I tried to sort through my thoughts. I finally came to a conclusion. Actually, three conclusions. 1; We can’t have an uprising. It would destroy even more of our limited freedom. 2; District 13 can’t still exist. If it did, they would have already come to the aid of the other districts. 3; I have to escape. I can find no other option. So, I’m leaving tonight. 
     I finish getting ready and go back to my bedroom. Trying to keep from pacing, I walk to the window and stare out at what, on the surface, is an ornate water fountain, bone dry in the middle of winter. But to me, I can see so much more. All the implications, all the complications that go along with Victor’s Village and its current residents. Even the stone fountain reminds me constantly of all those terrible things I am forever wishing I could forget. Maybe when I’m deep in the woods, I can find some peace. At least maybe I can feel like I’m safe from President Snow.
     As the sun slowly begins to creep up over the trees, I know it’s time. Gale will be going out for a walk. He can’t stand being cooped up inside, and he has a few weeks off from working at the mines because of his public whipping. So now’s my chance to tell him, to somehow convince him to come with me, and hopefully to think of a more specific plan.
     I shuffle downstairs and put on my jacket. I pull the collar up high around my face to help camouflage my identity, and I fumble with my shoes for several minutes before I finally get them on. Then, I open the door, and as I’m about to take a step out, that ridiculous cat Buttercup flys under my feet and I nearly fall down the steps. He disappears around the side of the house, and I have to make a huge effort not to slam the door in frustration. But since my mother and Prim aren’t up yet, I close it quietly behind me and hurry down the steps into the frosty winter air.
      I walk quickly down the path, glancing over to the others’ houses, at the warm glow radiating from Peeta’s kitchen window. He’s obviously up and moving, probably baking something. The thought of his food makes my stomach growl, but I push away the hunger and press on past Haymitch’s completely dark house. He, on the other hand, probably won’t be up until at least noon. Maybe later.
     After a few long minutes of trying not to run all the way to town, swallowing my anxiety and nerves, I reach the square and look around. No one’s outside except a handful of positioned Peacekeepers. Only a couple lights are even on inside the shops and homes. It’s not that people aren’t allowed to be out; they’re just afraid to be. It confirms what I already knew. We can’t have an uprising. No one here can fight if they won’t even go outside. I wouldn’t be out myself if I didn’t have to be. But I need to find Gale.
     I skirt around the corner, hoping that I won’t be recognized as the girl who stood up to Thread when Gale was being whipped. Thankfully, none of the Peacekeepers pay much attention to me, and a light mist hovering above the icy ground helps to shield me from scrutinizing eyes. I make my way impatiently towards the ashy remains of the Hob, the place I have a feeling I might find Gale.
    Turns out I know him well. Just as I’m approaching the narrow walkway leading to the old entrance of the factory, he comes around a corner, walking silently and barely even leaving footprints in the light snow. It’s just us; there is almost silence in the streets this morning. Gale is staring intently at the rubble of the Hob, and I don’t think he sees me. I’m standing close to a  building flanking the road, still masked in the shadows. I take a few heavy steps, and his head whips towards me the second the sound registers in his keen ears. Once a hunter, always a hunter. 
    He looks at first surprised, then quickly happy to see me. “Hey, Catnip.” He says, taking a step closer to me. I go to him immediately and press my body against his in a tight embrace. I smile at him and reply, “ It’s been a week or two. You can’t forget to visit your cousins now.” I laugh, trying to sound cheerful. Just in case anyone could be listening, I want to be extra careful about what I say, and I figure referring to him as my “cousin”  might reinforce that lie that we’ve spread and help it seem less suspicious that I came to talk to him.
 “I’d never forget you and Prim.” Answers Gale, and as if on cue, we simultaneously fall into step heading back towards the general direction of his house.
     Gale begins talking first. “So, how are you? Looking forward to the big wedding I guess.” He ever so slightly cocks his head at me, and I perfectly understand his meaning. He knows I want to tell him something. I nod, which would seem to be in response to his previous comment, but in truth I’m actually confirming that I need to talk to him. He begins to tell
me about his family, and throws in the occasional “You have to come visit for just a little while”.
He’s covering for me as I pretend to listen, and I scan the streets for Peacekeepers, but I see none. We walk on for maybe five minutes, and finally as we round a sharp corner, we approach the back door of Gale’s small house. There isn’t a soul in sight, but just to be safe I say loudly, “Alright,Gale, but I can only stay for a few minutes.” We go up the steps and he pulls open the door. We step inside and once the door is closed and we’re safely in the middle of the empty kitchen, Gale turns and says, “Ok. My family’s still asleep. What is it?”
“Gale,” I reply as calmly as I can. I still whisper even though we’re safe, getting straight to the point and talking fast. “I’m running away. Will you come too?”
Gale looks at me, his dark face expressionless. “ Katniss, we’ve already had this discussion.I thought you had decided to stay and help me start an uprising.” He answers mildly. I take a deep breath and hope that no one could possibly be listening. 
“I was going to. But I know now that I have to run away. I cause way too much trouble here, and Snow’s already watching me.”
Gale raises an eyebrow. “Don’t you think that if you escape and he somehow finds you, he’ll want you dead even more. If you leave the district and he hears about it, he won’t ever take his eyes off you again.”
I bite my lip, suddenly terrified that Gale will refuse me. “Gale, you said we could run before. And I think Snow would be perfectly happy if I leave. Then he can pretend something happened to me, and I’m no longer his problem. He doesn’t care how or where I die, or even where I go as long as I disappear from the face of the earth. As long as everyone in the Capital and the districts either think I’m dead or forget about me. Snow just wants me gone.”
   Gale’s voice grows colder. “And what if he thinks you’ve left to help the uprisings in other districts. Say you go help lead the rebels who are rioting. What do you think he’d do then?”
Now I’m getting really worried about Gale not wanting to come. 
“There’s nowhere for me to go. Empty woods, deserted hills and mountains, that’s about all I could get to on foot.”
 “And what about the people here? You’re going to leave them to fight alone?” Gale is starting to sound angry now.
“Gale, you saw what Thread did. No one will fight! Everyone’s too afraid to leave their houses!”
 “That’s why they need us, Katniss. To lead them. We can help them.” Gale retorts heatedly. “What if they decide...”
 “No one is going to fight the Capital!” I burst out suddenly, surprising myself as much as him.I pause, silent for a moment, but he shakes his head. His voice is quiet, but more distant now.
 “How do you know? We’re just going to leave them to fend for themselves? And there’s still the Games. You’re a mentor, Katniss! You could help your tribute, whoever it is, you could help them win! Give them a second chance to live! And our families, I’m not running away without mine and I know you wouldn’t go without yours, so what if they refuse? What if they don’t think the kids will make it in the woods in the dead of winter? And how do you even know that it will be better if you leave?”
It takes everything I have not to yell my next words.
 “Here’s what I know. I know that Snow would never in a million years let any tribute I mentored win the Games. She, whoever it is, would be dying because of me!” Gale says nothing, so I continue, finally spilling out the thoughts that have been haunting me for weeks.
 “What if it was Prim who got picked? Or Madge even? I can’t do it, Gale. I have to get out of 12. I cause too much trouble here. Maybe if I leave, things will go back to how they were. Maybe it’s actually better if people are too afraid to rebel.”
   Now I’ve done it. Gale looks at me like I just told him that I want to go back to the Games.
 “What?” He gasps. “How can you even say that?! You think it’s better that people keep starving, and being whipped and executed? That the kids keep dying in the Hunger Games?”
 “I just know that less people will die in the Games than in a revolution.” I whisper, staring at my hands because I can’t look him in the eye.
    Gale stares at me, then actually starts to turn away. I don’t know what else to do, so I grab his arm and force him to look at me. Glaring into his eyes, I beg him.
 “Please, Gale. Don’t make me leave without you. Last time I was just talking about it. I’m really, positively, completely determined to go this time. I’m getting through that fence and out away into the woods if it kills me! You have a chance to do what you always talked about, to save your family and live out in the woods; to escape. All of us, safe together. Please. I don’t want to go without you, but I’m leaving tonight. I’ve made up my mind. But I need you. Please.” 
Gale watches the single tear drip down my cheek. I swallow down the fit of despair that I know will come if he says no. I wait, and a long minute passes in silence, with Gale considering me. He’s known me long enough to understand that I’m decided, and I’m not second guessing myself this time. Finally, he softly answers,
 “Alright. I can tell you’ve really thought through it. I’ll come, for you, and I’ll get my mother to come with the kids too. When are we leaving?”
    I want to cry with relief. I throw my arms around him and say, “Thank you! Thank you!”
 “I hope you’re right about this.You know I couldn’t let you go by yourself.” Gale sighs. “Even though I’m sure you won’t be alone. Are Peeta and Haymitch coming?” 
 I sense a tinge of bitterness in his voice. 
“Well, I haven’t asked them yet. I wanted to make sure you were coming first.” 
   Gale’s voice softens noticeably. “Well, you ask them and let me know what they say. When are we leaving, and how are getting out of the fence?” 
I take a deep breath and reply, “I’m not sure yet about the fence. I have to think about it. I want to go tonight, but we’ll have to be very careful. We don’t want to get caught by the Peacekeepers.”
 “Shh!” He suddenly hisses. I hear it too; heavy walking just outside. Gale peers out a little sliver of uncovered window.
      “Speaking of.” He mutters, and I take a step closer to look out. Two big Peacekeepers are walking slowly by, not talking and obviously listening for any speech inside the thin walls of the house. My heart starts beating faster, and I pull the curtain all the way closed. Either they’re just patrolling, or they saw us come inside. We can’t stay in here and keep talking like this. Gale knows this, and so he and I walk to the back door and go out, intentionally closing it loudly behind. I hug him again, saying in my lightest voice, “Thank you for the breakfast! You have to come over for dinner tonight, ok?”
 Gale interprets my words easily. He gives a discreet nod, and answers in a normal voice,“I’ll be there! Have a safe walk home. We wouldn’t want you to fall on the ice.”
 “I’ll be careful.” I say, going down the steps and turning to face him. “ Thank you again so much.” I say sincerely, shivering in the cold wind but not even caring about the weather.
 “Of course.” Gale smiles, and I begin to walk away, back towards my home. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the Peacekeepers vanishing back onto the main street, and I desperately hope that they didn’t hear us.
     Alright, Gale is on board with me now. He’ll come over tonight and then we can decide what to do. Now I just have to convince the others.            By the time I get back home, my head is spinning with thoughts and I barely even register going inside and fixing myself a cup of warm tea. My family is still asleep, surprisingly. I’m just trying to stay calm and not have an anxiety attack. My family won’t be hard to convince, I hope. They’ll know I have their best interests at heart, and and I know Gale will get his family to agree too. Now I have to tell Peeta. I’m sure I can get him to come, but will he want to bring his family? For the first time, I’m feeling really concerned about the growing number of our group. How will we get everyone past the fence and safely into the woods? Not to mention, where exactly will we go? Gale had a point about it being winter. I force myself to take it one step at a time. First, tell Peeta.
    I have to warn Peeta to give him a little time to prepare. I go over to the telephone and pick it up in quivering fingers. I speedily dial the number, and I steady myself. It rings three times, and Peeta says, “Hello?”
 “Good morning, Peeta.” I reply as lightly as I can. I have to be beyond careful on this phone, because it’s likely monitored. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t. 
 “How are you, Katniss?” He asks, sounding slightly concerned despite my efforts to remain calm.
 “I’m good! I just wanted to ask if you could come over for a bit.” I say nonchalantly. “I had an idea for the wedding preparations. I wanted to discuss our plans.”
 “Oh!” Says Peeta, sounding convincingly excited. “Great! I’ll be over as soon as I can. I’m excited to hear what you’ve got.”  We exchange a quick goodbye and hang up. Peeta always knows just how to respond. I almost thought he believed what I told him. But Peeta knows better than anyone that I have no desire to take part in planning the wedding. Therefore, he knows I need to tell him something important.
   I wait in silence, but Peeta is there faster than I expected. There’s a very light tap at the door. I open it and he’s smiling at me, but his blue eyes look worried and unsure. He seems to have just dropped whatever he was doing; his blond hair is all in his face and his jacket isn’t even zipped up. I let him in, and he closes the door softly.
 “What’s up?” He asks in a hushed voice. “Let’s go for a walk towards town.” I suggest, trying to sound happy. Peeta nods, and we head back outside. “We won’t go far.” I add, not wanting to be exposed for too long. Even though the road is always desolate, I’m still constantly worried about being overheard. If the wrong set of ears found out what I’m about to tell Peeta, it will ruin our chances for escape.
      Passing out of the Victor’s Village gate, we begin to wind our way along the deserted path. I’m pretty confident that we’ll be safe to talk here. We’re safer here than in my house, there must be surveillance there, and I can’t go back to Gale’s house right now, that would be suspicious. So this is my best option. 
    Once we’ve walked for several minutes I finally feel comfortable speaking. “I’m leaving today.” I tell him, still talking softly. “I’m going off into the woods, and my family, and Gale and his family are coming too. I wanted to know if you want to come with us?” I hold my breath, but he only sighs and whispers, “Ah, I wondered if maybe that was it. Since you talked about it a while back, I figured there was a chance, now that Gale’s better, that you and him still wanted to run. What else would you want to talk about that you couldn’t say on the phone?”
    I look at him questioningly. He only adds “Really, Katniss, you think I don’t know you?” 
 I watch him in surprise. He shakes his head and I regain my thoughts enough to add in a low voice,“ So you’ll come?”
Peeta nods. “ I told you I’d go with you when you asked before. I’ll still go now. If you’re decided.”
 “I am.” I respond resolutely.
This is beyond my hopes. My family, Gale and his family, and Peeta will all be with me when I leave my home behind. We might really be able to get away and finally be safe. Then I remember something else.
 “And what about your family?”
I don’t know how to interpret Peeta’s expression.
 “I’m not sure.” He answers. “I really doubt they’ll agree to go. I don’t know. But they don’t need me, so I’ll still go with you either way.”
 In gratitude, I reach up and kiss Peeta’s cheek. “Thank you.” I say, almost giddy with my success. For the moment, I push away all my looming questions about what we’re going to do. Peeta looks at me, and I can tell he’s content with the decision. At last, I’m really feeling good about this whole idea, and I’ve been able to almost forget about the possibility that we might get caught.
   “If you want to see if your family will come, you’ll want to do it soon. I’m planning to leave tonight.” I tell him in less than a whisper. Peeta nods.
 “This probably sounds terrible.” He sighs. “But I wonder if I should even ask them. What if they won’t go, and they tell someone where we went?”
 I’m not sure how to respond, so I’m silent. This is exactly what Gale first suggested last time I wanted to run, when I told him I wanted Peeta to come with us. Peeta seems to be thinking about it, debating to himself what to do. I remember suddenly that my mother and Prim don’t even know yet, and I didn’t even leave a note saying I’d be gone.
 “Peeta, let’s head back, ok? I don’t want to leave my mother and Prim for too long.”
 He agrees, deep in thought. We continue back without talking. I keep glancing nervously over my shoulder, hoping no one saw or heard us, but I think we’re safe.We are almost back to the rows of big houses when Peeta asks, “What’s the plan of escape?”
 “I’m not sure yet. Gale’s coming over later, and we’ll figure it out then.”
  By now we have reached the Village, and we hurry up to my house. We go inside, and I say, “Peeta, why don’t you stay for a little while?”
 He agrees, and we take off our coats and boots. I’m just about convinced that we’re still safe when there’s loud, heavy knock on the door. A chill runs through me, and Peeta’s eyes widen with concern. Maybe we won’t be leaving after all.




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