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I'm not used to writing non-fantastical things, so this was a rather new experience! Any critiques or suggestions would be much appreciated.

The Dance of the Willow

August 14, 2020

The elegant hanging branches of the wisened willow float gracefully in the wind. They leap and pirouette, their leaves flowing behind like the weightless silk train of a dancer's delicate gown.
She spins and jumps effortlessly, free of care in the colorful sunkissed meadow. Her hair is blown in a whirlwind around her head by a sudden gust, but she only dances harder.
When the breeze dies down, she finally stops to rest as a dainty songbird flies over. She welcomes it openly and it comes to a stop on her shoulder, nestling into the crevice of her neck.
Gently stroking it with the long, slim fingers of one hand, she dips the other into the lake below. The water stirs then ripples, greeting her in turn. She smiles as the gentle breeze returns, pushing a layer of the water onward and waking the bird on her shoulder.
As the bird flew away with a chirp of goodbye, she rose up, once again filling the meadow with her elegant movements. She had danced like this for decades, bringing joy to all around her, and planned to continue for centuries more.
This is inspired by the gorgeous willow tree over a creek where I live. As a dancer myself, the parallels naturally formed and we're easily nurtured. I hope you enjoy this short description!


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1 Comment
  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Absolutely stunning! As a fellow dancer, I loved the comparisons you made between a dancer and the tree's movements. Beautiful writing!

    8 months ago