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Hi, I'm Trini! (she/her)
I love:
-music, classical (I play piano & oboe) or otherwise
-Nintendo video games

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Hey all! I'm not really sure what to say here.

If you're wondering about my avatar, it's from the And Then There Were None movie. I'll just leave it at that because it's a long story otherwise :p

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August 14, 2020

Day 1:

The trees stand tall, as they always have--backs straight, posture stiff, sturdy pillars supporting the weight of the blue roof over all our heads. There are no more guests in their home, the land long since abandoned. But still, the trees stand. They don't expect visitors, but this is their duty, and they will not bend or sway.

Day 2:

It's your shield, shading you from the harshness of the sun, of the truth, of reality. Despite the roughness of its bark, it is the soft hug your mother gives you before she delivers the bad news; it is the weak smile your friend offers as the tears glisten in her eyes; it is the voice in your head on a loop saying, It'll be alright.

Day 3:

The trees stand close together, a tightknit teenage clique always trying to get closer, never feeling like it's enough. They show off their sturdy builds to any passersby, hiding their thin limbs behind their backs. Look, they shout, we are strong and tall. They reek of moss and the natural scent of adrenaline and emotions running high. The adults that walk by, joints creaking, wrinkle their noses and turn away - not disgusted by the smell, but by the fact that it's overpowering, that these children haven't considered their sensitivity. And so the teens and kids cluster together ever so closer, laughing, rustling each other's leaves.

Day 4:

The tree is dug deep, roots entrenched, now one with the earth. It thrusts out its long branches, claiming all the surrounding territory. It's nothing but a shadow on the horizon, a lonely warning sign to travelers on the path. It points in two directions: one from whence you came, one to where you must go. And it watches as you hesitate before it, taking in the slowly falling leaves, and continue on your way, unchanged.

Day 5:

The battlefield is overflowing, and it seems to know. The overgrown grass reaches ever farther, desperately trying to cover the rows of bodies. It's a fruitless effort, and perhaps they know, but they try still, even when the browned spines of those fallen are still clearly visible. Because this is a war that does not end, a war that they cannot surrender. The remaining soldiers lock into formation, staring out over the horizon, thin branches linked together like arms. This is where they fall, they think, but at least they will fall with eyes wide open.
I really love writing metaphors and want to get better at them, so this was a great exercise!


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