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yo, this is chrysanthemums&ink (ngl, i am very very close to taking off the "&ink" part of my name. look out for that if it happens.) but call me chrys because chrysanthemum is a devil to spell. i've been here since march, and i write mostly poetry (i'd like to write more prose-poetry though). over these past few months, i think my writing has changed a lot, in no small part thanks to this community and website. lately, i've been a bit distant, but if you drop a question or an introduction on any one of my pieces, i will always get the notification.

newcomers: feel free to ask me any questions about wtw! i like to think that i know a little of what i'm doing huehue (see: kim seokjin's windshield wiper laugh). y'all are a pretty talented bunch though! if you don't mind, head over to my "message from writer" where i've got a heck ton of pieces linked for your every need (fear of being "offensive", etiquette and how to get "popular", and tips and tricks to managing this website). also, if you haven't already, go check out my queen, Dmoral's original entry for this welcoming committee! and also one by mia_:)!

to wtw not-so-newbies and vets: enjoy this sloppy thing. i quite like it though, oh well. these baby angels shouldn't have to wake to a husk of a home, so let's welcome them!

anyways, i'm always up to chat and i really do look forward to seeing you in the future. if you don't know me or have any questions or would like to do some introductions, just comment down below!


i hope the next decision you make brings you happiness.

chrys, out

why i write

August 17, 2020



evolution is often painful
in order to change, the butterfly tears off its wings 
unaware, it takes the leap towards the marvelous nothingness 
and if self improvement is a myth, then it surely believes
it leaps, and hopes to come out better than before
so i strip my soul in search of beautiful things 
dead within the folds of this selfish heart 
the ugly emotions within this beast are suddenly
spat out, slapped onto lines upon lines of endless lamentation
if there is nowhere to take my resentment then
there is no world that can bear the weight of living beings
this is my world—
spinning spots of shitty poetry just to flush the dirt from my body
wielding my useless hands like that of a creators' 
a world where humans can play God without sinning 
if "fate is what we are given. destiny is what we make for ourselves"
then this composition can only be regarded as destiny, don't you think?
an oeuvre of which my birth was the direct catalyst 
if i can become a better person through this valueless text 
then i will continue on this beaten path
so even if these emotions are not mine 
even if these words are not mine 
this writing, i can say 
is purely my own 

so tell me, 
why do you write? 

"fate is what we are given. destiny is what we make for ourselves" Upon Our Silver Bridge by TheWanderingHeart
yes, that was reused from another piece (not here). do i care? no. also, it's from fanfiction. shhhhh-


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  • xXlunagirlXx

    I write to escape, to cover myself with the blanket of a character that is infinitely better than me.

    3 months ago