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"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."- Sylvia Plath

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August 14, 2020

Day 1:

Treasure Bearers. 

Oh those grand, towering clouds of jewels,
the crusted jades and smooth emeralds,
that great sky of shimmering colour
and the mesmerising metamorphosis
as green youth matures to 
warm rubies and soft ambers. 
Under Autumn's cinnamon touch, 
gold coins rain from those treasure bearers. 
The barky chests are opened, unlocked-
birthing wealth and richness into the world
as colourful gems succeed the earth.

Day 2:

Cherry Blossom
The dancer parades the earth,
stretching her ruby fingertips
towards the sun,
soaking crimson blossom 
as lovers sink into the ground
beneath her outstretched arms.
Their initials carved into her skin, 
rough tattoos,
their breaths feeding her lungs, 
as fruits fall from her cherry lips,
fruits of summer kisses
and sweet apologies.
The dancer bleeding 
a flourishing sacrifice 
for love. 

Day 3:

Fallen tree
The wounded soldier, scarred with age and brutality, wincing through heavy eyes to see the battle field. All his familiars slain. A graveyard of oak corpses. 

Day 4:

Pillars of comfort,
something to lean on,
earth's structured limbs,
holding sanity amongst 
their leaves. 

Day 5:

The witch's wood

Crooked fingers and dark silhouettes, their arching skeletons ensnare lost children in the mass grave of their bony branches, with worming roots slicing at their fearful feet as they run in circles. Screaming help. Wondering how they got lost in the woods. 


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