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sailor sailor where have you been [perhaps to love oneself]

August 14, 2020


see me roar gentle dictations up to the skies
i weave a bracelet of a seaman's yarns
falling tears from fields of clouds
drift around my yearning heart
        /sailor sailor/ where have you been?
        you've been roaming the big dipper
        sprinkled across my soul
see me sing fierce lullabies to the moon
she likes to swing me to and fro in the tides
sea foam w a s h i n g up my hips 
/sailor sailor/ i have been waiting for you
      i pull a ribbon and the ship sails
    /marionette marionette/ to the drifting seas
see me brush burrs out of your tangled locks oh waters
i'll line sea glass on my windowsill
     catch the sunlight in my heart 
    /sailor sailor/ (perhaps you're but me?) 
i'm waiting for your love to wash over me


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  • Phia

    Ah! This is so good and beautiful!!!

    2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Great piece! My favorite lines are "falling tears from fields of clouds" and "see me sing fierce lullabies to the moon".

    2 months ago