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You know the guy, classic goof, loves bad jokes. But has a copious amount of knowledge in, well, everything & they call the "parent" of the friendship group? I'm that guy

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accept change will be the only constant in your life, & laugh at the irony of it. - @inanutshell


Dreams, come and go but ideas flow out this head of mine.

I'm a creator of worlds. I bleed to put words on a page. I dream of wondrous, creative and intelligent people, people I wish I knew. I reveal my true self to others, inner thoughts, hopes, dreams and values.

I fill screens with words, paper with ideas, and my head with dreams.
I write, and share with you.

Week 5 - Challenge Completed

August 14, 2020

Day 1
A crossing between the supposed three realms. Roots reaching to the area below, trunk solidly in the middle, and the uppermost branches reaching for the celestial wonders above. A bridge between worlds.

Day 2
An oasis in the strange desert of the red earth landscape. Refuge from the hottest temperatures that bake the land bone dry and deprive the plants of all nutrients. Giving life and fleeting hope to all those below.

Day 3
An adventure for intrepid young explorers. Today, a secret hideout for spies, tomorrow a treehouse for afternoon snacks and games. A delight for the imaginative youth of this world.

Day 4
Lifegivers, taking our waste, and giving back air we can breathe, we owe so much of our ability to exist to them.

Day 5
A dancer, swaying gently in time with music forever forbidden to our ears.


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