My name is MaddyAnn, I can't wait to leave my little town, meet amazing people and see the world. Writing is my lifesaver. I promise you I'll eventually write something actually inspiring!:)

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i am always here for you

August 13, 2020


when you come back to me
                                i was hiding from the world 
when you come to
                                i couldn't handle anymore of this
when you come
                                i'm so sorry i disappeared without you
when you
                                i promise that i am better now
                                i am here for you 
i will hold you tight 
                                i am here for
i will tell you that it is alright
                                i am here
i will show you that you can trust me with anything
                                i am
i will always be here for you
I don't know if this will make any sense to any besides myself

read into it as you will, tell me what it means to you!


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