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Glass Box

By: Jessica Chaffe

Glass is not freedom. It teases. Creates hope. Leads to disappointment. Misery.

To see everything, just beyond my reach. My hands pressed against the glass pane, willing above anything that it would break - for my chance. For my future to begin. But life is not always kind. I've watched others eventually pass through the glass- little by little creating cracks in this deceptive enclosure. I tried to follow - to be blocked not now by glass but by people. Those willing to go to enormous lengths to keep those like me away. To keep us trapped behind glass.

Peer Review

This is such a powerful metaphor for feeling like an outsider! Every word of this story created an atmosphere of fear and desperation, and your prose elevated it to a new level. Great work!

There seems to be two interpretations of this story- in my first reading, I believed the narrator was in a literal glass box, but upon my second reading it feels more like a metaphor. The story works both ways.

I'm a bit confused by the phrase "creates hope" in the first line. This isn't necessarily a criticism, but I'd love to know the context behind it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The narration is full of emotion and your imagery is haunting.

Reviewer Comments

Aside from an excess of commas in certain places, I really liked your writing style!