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Poetry- Gibberish

August 12, 2020

PROMPT: Synapses

PROMPT - Gibberish

GENRE - Poetry

FULL DETAILS - Write something that may make no sense to the naked eye, but makes sense to the writer and the readers who wear spectacles. Envelope your writing with symbolism, metaphors, and hyperbole. Here's my example: 

Here's my child: 
    He smiles radiantly 
    He sings to the moon
    He looks just like me
    and He falls asleep at noon. 

But the eyes made him mutate 
    He now wears a stoic expression
    He now sits in an office under the moon 
    He now no longer looks like me 
    and He falls asleep at midnight.

The mouths made him monstrous     
    He now giggles in the sight of red 
    He now drinks wine on top of stacks of paper
    He now no longer looks at me 
    and nor did I want to see him appear in my dreams. 

So I left the eyes and mouths and brought him to the ears
    They listen to him laugh
    They listen to his songs for the moon
    They listen to me laughing with him
    and They listen to me sleep with him. 

He's my child, not yours. 



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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thanks! And sometimes lowercase just... feels right? If you're not used to reading/writing that way, it does seem weird, but I really like it for certain pieces. It kinda makes them feel more... quiet? But not in a meek and mild way; more like subtle silence and/or mystery and/or confusion. So yeah I don't really have a "normal style" I guess. I just write the way I feel like I need to for each piece.

    about 1 year ago