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She Who Ate The Fruit

August 12, 2020


    The sunlight, though filtered by the foliage remained intense as it rested on the closed eyelids of the young girl. Birds chirped and the ground beneath seemed to hum as though the critters below were in celebration. Sensing the awakening of the forest, the frail girl opened her large eyes only to be blinded by the stream of light. Her pupils dilated as she took in the strange sight. The girl’s lip began to quiver. However, any thought of crying ceased as soon as she felt the legs of a forest critter on her stained skin. A scream was let out as she briskly brushed it off and leapt to her feet. The sounds of the forest ceased and the trees looked down on her as though annoyed by her commotion. The girl looked for clues that might explain how she’d gotten there, but no memories returned. Unsure of what to think, the young girl began to panic. At the same moment, a clamor rang throughout the forest. She looked around expecting a stampede of sorts, but saw nothing. Only when she placed her small palm atop her stomach did she realize her hunger was the cause of the noise. At that very moment, a party of bluebirds paid her a visit. They circled her head and seemed to be singing to her. The girl began to smile, but instinctually stopped herself. She didn’t know why, but she had a feeling she wasn’t allowed to do that. Either way, she was intrigued by the actions of the birds and decided to follow. The girl tried to keep up with the birds but the soil beneath her dirty feet gripped onto her limbs, as if mistaking them for roots. Somehow, she had successfully followed the birds to a glistening stream protected by various trees. A warm feeling washed over the girl as she saw fruit on a nearby tree. Using up whatever energy she had, the girl ran towards the tree and vehemently shook it till the fruit fell to the ground. She bent down and took a large bite of the unknown fruit. The sweetness of the fruit seemed almost sinful as the girl began to devour it, and others which had fallen. As she took another bite, she was attacked by a taste unlike the others. A metallic taste filled her mouth and she immediately spat the contents into her dirty hands. Amongst the chewed fruit and blood, the girl saw a tooth … her tooth. She hastily picked it out and ran towards the stream to clean it. While doing so, the girl forgot about her current circumstances and even imagined putting the tooth under her pillow for that magical fairy. When satisfied with the cleanliness of her prized tooth, the girl placed it in the pocket of her raggedy dress. It was now that she was finally able to pay attention to the image of the girl looking back at her from the stream. Her hair was mucky, matted, and wild. If cleaned, the girl would imagine it to be a fiery red tone. Her face was round and freckled, though that could also just be a buildup of dirt. The girl cupped her hands and splashed the cold water onto her face. She could now confirm that she was in fact extremely freckled, but those weren’t the only features which stood out. Her large eyes of a greyish-blue color, and took up most of her face. Underneath them was a large unsightly bruise. The girl reached up to touch it and twinged with pain as her fingers came into contact with the lesion. How or when she’d gotten the bruise was unknown to her, but it was recent. Suddenly, her thoughts were disturbed by the crunching of leaves behind her …
A random story that came to me on yet another boring summer day. Feel free to leave comments or reviews!


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  • Emi (Revival Year #NEWYEAR)

    I love the description here! It really transport me into the piece, it's so vivid! I would love to see a continuation of this story.

    5 months ago