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Stage of Confidence

By: Blake Alexander

She scanned the ocean of seats containing better versions of herself and dropped the façade of confidence as no one clapped.
          Someone coughed. Another returned the cough. A third sneezed.
          Take note of the atmosphere: A summer night with a breeze. Plenty of stars above. Stillness all around, spectators known as stars looking back.
Putting on her jacket of self-doubt she planned to wear for the rest of her life – not even taking it off to shower, she let her heels clack the stained floor as she left behind the curtain.

A story about how confidence leaves a girl after giving a performance on stage in front of a large audience. This is a second-draft. I would appreciate any and all feedback that comes my way!

Peer Review

The title was an eyecatcher for me just because I knew the story would most likely be about self doubt, which is something everyone has faced.

The part when she puts on this jacket of self-doubt was very well written in my opinion, and was something I think everyone has done at some point.

The "Better versions of herself" bit was good, but if possible I feel like more could be explained as to why she's seeing herself and not blank faces.

This is really good and honestly brought back some suppressed embarrassment haha, but I'm all here for it. The fact that you were able make me feel something using description of the setting, is great!

Reviewer Comments

Overall great work! I'm actually new to WTW and would really appreciate some feedback as well.