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I'm a 15 year old from AUS who loves reading and writing! This account is really just for a fun and to experiment with my writing !!!! <3

Inspired by Summerland- 2020

August 13, 2020


in the sleepless hours of the endless winter nights, I insert myself back into the past of which I always thought would be my future.
I am standing next to her again.
Her delicate fingers brushing against mine.
Her glamours smile, dazzling the unsuspecting room as she sways to the harmony of the upbeat jazz tunes.
Her stunning golden evening dress, the one that made my jaw drop when i first witnessed her perfect body in it.
The way she takes a glimpse into my deep blue eyes and eases any discomfort or ache that i may have had beforehand.
It's moments like these, moments stuck in time, that make me envy my past self. How could i not identify that these were to be the happiest years of my entire being. 
She was the only person in this entire world who could diminish my cold and callous exterior.
It's an interesting thing really, how one person can completely come out of the blue and subsequently change your life, meaning that the second they are gone you are once again an empty shell, something of no use.
And as the morning comes upon this empty house that I hardly consider a home, I push these bottomless thoughts deep inside me and focus on now, the present moment.
No matter how much i despise it.
Hi everyone! This is my first ever free hand story and i would absolutely love some feedback and constructive criticism since I'm so new to this! Thank-you !! <3


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