by the river


I'm a 15 year old from AUS who loves reading and writing! This account is really just for a fun and to experiment with my writing !!!! <3

Message to Readers

I would really appreciate any feedback since i'm really new to this!!!

The exhilarating relief of one mad woman

August 13, 2020

As I face the unfathomably deep and sparkling ocean, the sharp yet salty breeze passes through my matted hair. After escaping that awful, claustrophobia inducing room I finally feel a sense of utter relief; a freedom so to speak. Tilting my face on an angle, I see her exquisite eyes inspecting me, searching for any sort of anguish or uncertainty. I do wish she wouldn’t fear for me as much as she does, but I am thankful. Reaching out I grasp her effortlessly smooth hand to reassure her of my contentment. After a few hesitant seconds, she squeezes back.

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