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Dare to dream because when you wake, life will remain bland either way.

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August 14, 2020

Day 1
    my snowflake
dancing in the wind
at the mercy 
of its whims
    my snowfake
beauty as you are
fractals smile down 
upon me from afar
    my snowflake
with your empty
crown-shyness lines
grow old with me

my evergreen

Day 2

Death stands above me looking down
There is no compassion in her outstretched arms
Decay clings from her
Hanging down like mistletoe 
A silent kiss
The kiss of death
Her ribs groan in the wind
She sways
She stops
As does the wind
In its final breath

Day 3
a spindly spire
clothed in green
the church
worshipped in the before
all reverence for her
is now lost
lost in the sounds of engines
lost in the smell of smog
lost in the sight of barren concrete
and the taste of bitter water
all of it
but her sanctity remains

Day 4
 BRisTLinG hairsss
they bowwww
on the back
of the agitated cat

Day 5
there is a library
in those hills
they say
if you listen
the murmurs 
are almost 
from the 
shuffling of feet
and the
rustling of leaves
the knowledge of a lifetime
or two
or three
is hidden within
the earthy ground
and the 


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