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"It isn't life ashore that is distasteful to me, but life at sea is better" - Sir Francis Drake

Lady of the Forest

August 12, 2020

She creates the music of the lands through the chimes of her green instruments. Known as the Lady of the Forest to her peers, she has nurtured her children for generations. Through her music, she has always made them feel safe. A figurehead for a gated community, a community filled with beauty and elegance around every corner. It was all her doing. She provided a safe haven in a world that could be so cruel, and her children were forever grateful. She was poised with such power yet grace, her striking features shined as bright as the sun. But it was her voice that truly defined her essence. The forest would stop and stare, purely in awe of their Lady, their protector, their mother.

The day she was chopped off her throne was the day the forest stopped singing.


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