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My final draft for the flash fiction contest. No need to actually review, just leave comments about anything at all. Thank ya!

Magnificent Creatures

August 15, 2020

      Heart pounding, the grey haired woman ascended the abrasive rocks yearning to reach the top. Her fingers grasped the surface even as sea-spray compelled her to slip. Gripping the eroding outcrop, she heaved herself up. Now…she stood atop the world. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but admire the young girl trapped beneath the ocean's surface. The sands of time fleeted as she Inched closer to the edge. Her urge to join the turbulence developed. There, the girl dared her to jump. Thus the woman leapt fearlessly, striking the water, and allowing herself to follow the damsel to her seafloor Shangri-La. 
word count: 98
Much thanks to Doodleninja for leaving a great review!

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