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rhythm | Writing Streak Week 5 Day 2

August 11, 2020



rhythm of the wildlife
trees dot the Earth
they are the music notes 
on the staff of this planet
marking the tempo
they spell out a melody
only seen from above

rhythm of nature
trees carry a tune in their twigs
in their roots a rousing jig
their branches stretch high
a dancer raising their arms in the air
they swing and they sway to the song in their veins
put a hand to their skin
music takes away the pain

rhythm of the land
they conduct, control the flow
without them, no other melody would grow 
twirl beneath their foliage
to the song stuck in your head
this steady, constant, rhythm-tree
won't you dance nature's tune with me

One of these pieces was going to tie in with music eventually :D


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  • RemovedUser1

    Oh my gosh this is BEAUTIFUL! I love this so much! You are an amazing writer!

    8 months ago