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- she/her, INFJ-A
- musicals
- fantasy/dystopian fiction :)
- piano/trying (failing) at songwriting
- life goal = becoming fluent in le français
- est August 2020
They tell me I’m 16 but I’m sceptical
saying goodbye to the squirrel

Message to Readers

I hoped to vary it each day and I’d appreciate feedback on any of them :)

Tree Challenge Completed :)

August 15, 2020

Day 1

It writhed and slashed into the sky around it, each knot the reddened face of a petulant toddler, scowling in retaliation to some great injustice. 

Day 2

A lone traveller, bleary and half-coloured in the dawn light, stretching out his long limbs in an attempt to shudder off the clinging remnants of sleep.

Day 3

An ever-watching presence that hugs in the nature around him. He whispers and gossips to the tangled shrub beside him, he laughs at the first clumsy attempts of a baby bird at flight, and he mourns with the sky every time a frail animal life is tugged too soon back into the ground.

Day 4

A hand, always reaching against gravity, stretching to the greatest heights, away from the dirt in which it was birthed. Maybe one day it will touch the stars, but for now it is content to keep hoping. 

Day 5

A twisting hand of a beast against the sky, shed of colour and warped in such a way that each claw seems to swerve out of the path of the sun. 
I tried to do a different kind of emotion each day - I hope you enjoy them :)

i hope they’re not drastically too long or too short idrk how they’re supposed to be...


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